Divine energy is the main resource used in the Divination skill. It is primarily obtained from wisps and may also be converted from memories at an energy rift.


The cost of the energy shown is the Grand Exchange price of one energy. Keep in mind that converting one divine memory requires 5 divine energies and each enriched memory requires 10 divine energy. This is the reason why the cost/XP ratio of using divine energy along with memories for extra experience is so high.

Level Type Price Cost per XP
1 Cursed energy 1000 Cursed energy N/A N/A
1 Pale energy 1000 Pale energy 33 236
10 Flickering energy 1000 Flickering energy 87 435
20 Bright energy 1000 Bright energy 91 367
30 Glowing energy 1000 Glowing energy 69 198
40 Sparkling energy 1000 Sparkling energy 89 148
50 Gleaming energy 1000 Gleaming energy 65 69
60 Vibrant energy 1000 Vibrant energy 97 78
70 Lustrous energy 1000 Lustrous energy 84 53
75 Mah energy 100 Mah energy N/A N/A
75 Elder energy 1000 Elder energy 184 108
80 Brilliant energy 1000 Brilliant energy 96 55
85 Radiant energy 1000 Radiant energy 97 51
90 Luminous energy 1000 Luminous energy 104 50
90 Positive energy Positive energy N/A N/A
90 Negative energy Negative energy N/A N/A
95 Incandescent energy 1000 Incandescent energy 160 71
95 Ancestral energy Ancestral energy N/A N/A


It is used to make signs, automatically-activating pocket-slot items with a variety of uses, such as warding off killing blows or protecting extra items on death, or portents, automatically-used inventory items with effects such as healing players who fall below a certain amount of health.

After the release of Invention, most of Divine energy types can be combined with 20 Simple parts to create a Divine charge, used to recharge the Charge pack.


The amount of energies gained when harvesting a spring changes based on level. Energy is harvested from springs regardless of whether the player successfully gets a memory. From levels 1 to 54, the player will only harvest 1 energy at a time. At levels 55 through 74, this is increased to 2 energies per harvest. At levels 75 and beyond, the player will gain 3 energies every harvest.