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Divine Storm

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Divine Storm
Divine Storm
Members? Yes
Level 60
Spellbook Normal
Type Combat

Air weakness icon Air

Damage 576
Runes 5Air rune
Divine Storm
Click animation for full size

Divine Storm is a spell in the standard spellbook. Casting it requires 60 Magic. It must be cast a total of 100 times inside the Mage Arena before it can be used elsewhere. The fastest method to do 100 casts is to wield a wand and orb/book whilst autocasting the spell for both mainhand and offhand.

Abilities do not count towards the 100 casts.

On completing the 100 casts, the game chat window will display "Congratulations! You can now cast the Divine Storm spell outside of the Mage Arena."


Spell cost
5Air rune105
Combo runes
5Dust rune2,140
5Smoke rune3,850
5Mist rune4,490
Staff of air0
Avernic wandTome of frost0


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