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Worlds Icon The official worlds for Penguin Hide and Seek are worlds 60, 71 (P2P).

Penguin Hide and SeekEdit

Main article: Penguin Hide and Seek

Penguin roaming areasEdit

Penguin in rock

By comparing the clues given by Larry or Chuck and the actual penguin sightings, the roaming area of each of the clues can be determined. At different times, different clues may be activated by the same penguin. Sometimes multiple penguins may be activating the same clue.

NOTE: The information regarding area should not be used as a basis for your search due to the penguins large roaming areas and that they are in different places in each world. However, penguins cannot change costume during the week. The only exceptions to this rule are during the Hallowe'en events, when some Penguins change to Pumpguins (Pumpkin Penguins), or during the Christmas Events, when some penguins change to Snowguins (Snowman Penguins).


template = Template:Penguin points calc
form = ppf
result = ppr
param = 1|Number of Points|0|int|1-50
param = 2|Skill Level|1|int|1-120
Penguin Points Calculator
Calculator failed to load
0 Experience Points or 0 Coins

Coins = 6,500 × (penguin points)
Experience = 25 × (level) × (penguin points)


General clue areas are given by Larry, located in the Ardougne Zoo near the penguin exhibit, or Chuck the polar bear after Hunt for the Red Raktuber. However the penguins' wander area is often extremely large, and only limited by obstacles such as water, fences with no openings, and impassible terrain. The invisible penguin respawns every few minutes in any of the 1-point spawn locations. Its movement is not limited by some obstacles, such as water and rough terrain, but is limited by other obstacles, such as trees and walls (similar to Implings). The penguins reset weekly on Wednesdays shortly after 00:00 UTC; the exact time varies weekly and from world to world.

For the week beginning: 1 Jul
No. Spawn area Requirement Type Penguin Points
(after Cold War)
(Click to enlarge)
1 McGrubor's Wood None Bush 1 PHS mcgrub
2 Port Khazard None Barrel 1 PHS port k
3 Gnome Maze None Bush 1 PHS gnome maze
4 Mudskipper Point None Bush 1 PHS mudskip
5 Rellekka None Rock 1 PHS rellekka
6 Feldip Hills Hunter Area
(North of Oo'glog)
None Bush 1 (2) PHS ooglog
7 Wilderness
(Lava Maze)
None Rock 1 (2) PHS lava
8 Wilderness
(Scorpion Pit)
None Rock 1 (2) PHS scorp
9 Dragontooth Island Started The Restless Ghost Crate 1 (2) PHS dtooth
10 NE Tirannwn
(E of Prifddinas south gate)
Started Regicide Rock 1 (2) PHS se prif
11 Any 1-pt location Started Desert Treasure
Completed Some Like It Cold
Invisible 3 N/A
12 Musa Point well Completed Hunt for Red Raktuber Polar Bear 1 PHS musa bear

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