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Diseased fruit detail

The diseased fruit is a type of Jadinko fruit that can be found in the Jadinko Lair, received through the offering stone or from Mutated jadinko drops. When eaten it restores 1000 life points (the lowest amount of all Jadinko fruit) and doubles the excrescence drops received from mutated jadinkos for 1 minute.

The effect is only activated when the drops appear, but because the timer continues, it is recommended to eat it as the mutated jadinko dies in order to maximise it's usage. The doubled excrescence drops seem to have a cost of not receiving any other random drops, so for players who fight Mutated jadinkos for profit, it may be counter-productive to eat this fruit.

The fruits have no effect outside of the lair. It cannot be banked. If a player attempts to do this they will receive the message: "A magical force prevents you from banking this item." They can be changed to Common fruits by speaking to Papa Mambo.


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  • Until 9 August 2011, leaving the lair transformed the fruit into a Common fruit.

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