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For rewards from holiday events, see Holiday rewards.

Discontinued items are items in-game that can no longer be obtained. However, many of them are still owned by players who obtained them before they were discontinued, and some of them can still be obtained through trading with other players. Most of these items are now relatively few in number and are very expensive. Most of these items are holiday drops that were released years ago and prizes from Squeal of Fortune and Treasure Hunter, but there are a few exceptions.

These rares are a very important part of RuneScape's economy, many players work hard with skills to achieve a long-term goal of owning a rare and discontinued holiday item. For the most part rares either hold their value or grow, like that of a stock. In some special occasions, such as the "Unbalanced Trade Removal" update the price of rares will drop, but players can be certain that if they hold a rare long enough it will eventually be worth it because no more rares will ever enter the economy. Items such as Seismic wands and Ascension crossbows have high prices compared to other non-discontinued items, however it is possible to get more of them. In the case of tradeable holiday items, this is not a possible reason for the price to decrease, beside a change in the Grand Exchange supply and demand.

It was suggested in a live video by Mod Mark that if a player with a large number of rares was banned, consideration would be given to reintroducing them into the game, possibly via the GE.

Holiday dropsEdit


Most discontinued items came from Holiday drops; distributions of unique tradeable items on certain holidays, such as Christmas or Easter. These items are also few in number and have become very expensive over the years. Holiday drops that are wieldable are often worn by players to either show their wealth, fashion, or to show how long they've played.

The original holiday dropsEdit

While most modern-day holiday items are untradeable and awarded from participating in events, they previously worked differently. On Easter, Hallowe'en, and Christmas, Jagex would drop a certain item. For example, in December 2001 during Christmas, Jagex dropped 'Christmas Crackers'. These Christmas crackers could only be obtained during a certain day during December. When a player walked around RuneScape, they may have seen a Christmas cracker pop up out of nowhere on the ground nearby.

After players began to notice that these items could not be obtained anymore except via trading, they started buying them and holding on to them just for the purpose of selling them higher later. Additionally, some players complained that they missed the drops, and ask for Jagex to redo them. Jagex decided to make the next few drops untradeable. However, this only enraged players even more. Jagex then decided to stop holiday drops, as players were becoming too greedy. On 22 December 2003, Jagex put an announcement on RuneScape's main page, saying that they were ceasing holiday drops. From then on, tradeable items were no longer dropped on holidays.

A year passed and no holiday drop was made. However, on 21 December 2004, Jagex changed that. Santa Claus was placed in the game and gave a Yo-yo to players who talked to him (They were untradeable). After the Yo-yo, Jagex introduced tasks players had to complete to obtain the holiday item, starting with the Rubber chicken. For more information, see Holiday Rewards.

The return of holiday raresEdit

In 2012, for the first time since 2002, Jagex released a new tradeable rare item into the game obtainable through the Squeal of Fortune, the Fish Mask. This was released in large quantities and is consequently one of the cheapest tradeable rares. Since then, several items have been introduced as tradeable holiday rares. While the Fish Mask, the Christmas Tree Hat, and the Crown and Cloak of Seasons could all be obtained on the Squeal of Fortune and were criticized as being "RWT Rares", the Black Santa Hat was released through a semi-novel mechanism which was not influenced by the spending of real-world money.

The Black Santa Hat was released in minimal quantities through a new version of the Christmas Cracker - the Festive Cracker (which was removed from the game at the end of the 2013 Christmas season). The cracker was obtained through the completion of daily tasks, the Festive Cryptic Clue Fest, and a few forum contests. The crackers were relatively easy to obtain but the chance of receiving the hat from a cracker was incredibly low and the total number of Black Santa Hats which were released into the game is believed to be extremely small, so much so that it is now worth more than the original red Santa Hat and is by far the most valuable of the new generation of tradeable rares.

Tradeable discontinued holiday itemsEdit

This list only includes tradeable holiday items. For a list including non-tradeable items, see Holiday rewards.

Icon Name Description Release date Discontinuation date
Pumpkin This item was released in the 2001 Hallowe'en event. Players could pick up Pumpkins throughout RuneScape whilst the event existed. The Pumpkin can still be bought today at a very high cost. 31 October 2001 1 November 2001
Easter egg
Easter eggs This item was released in the 2002 Easter event. Players could pick up Easter eggs throughout RuneScape whilst the event existed. The Easter egg can still be bought today at a very high cost. 20 April 2002 21 April 2002
White partyhat Blue partyhat Green partyhat Yellow partyhat Red partyhat Purple partyhat Christmas cracker Christmas cracker/Partyhats These items were released in the 2001 Christmas event. Players could pick up Christmas crackers whilst the event existed. Players could break the Cracker to get a Party Hat. The Christmas crackers and Party Hat can still be bought today at a very high cost. 25 December 2001 26 December 2001
Red h'ween mask Blue h'ween mask Green h'ween mask Hallowe'en masks These items were released in the 2002 Hallowe'en event. Players could pick up Hallowe'en masks throughout RuneScape whilst the event existed. The Hallowe'en masks can still be bought today at a very high cost. 31 October 2002 1 November 2002
Santa hat
Santa hat This item was released in the 2002 Christmas event. Players could pick up Santa hats throughout RuneScape whilst the event existed. The Santa hat can still be bought today at a very high cost. 25 December 2002 26 December 2002
Christmas tree hat
Christmas tree hat The Christmas tree hat was obtained by exchanging presents from the Squeal of Fortune. 19 December 2012 31 December 2012
Crown of Seasons
Crown of Seasons The Crown of Seasons was created by combining the Coronet of Spring, Coronet of Summer, Coronet of Autumn, and the Coronet of Winter, where each coronet was made by combining items from the Squeal of Fortune. 28 June 2013 9 July 2013
Black Santa hat
Black Santa hat Available by pulling Festive crackers between 20 December 2013 and 3 January 2014. The crackers were obtained by skilling, Wearing Christmas themed items would increase the chance of crackers dropping while training any skill by 20% for each festive item equipped (maximum of 120% increased chance). 20 September 2013 4 January 2014
Magical bunny egg Magical lamb egg Magical chick egg Magical bunny egg, Magical lamb egg and Magical chick egg Uncommon rewards from Treasure Hunter during its Easter promotion between 17 April 2014 and 22 April 2014, and from 2 April to 7 April 2015. They can be used to transform a player into a bunny, lamb or chicken, and then the egg will be consumed. They can also be eaten to heal 200 life points. Unlike most other discontinued items, they cannot be traded on the Grand Exchange. 17 April 2014 22 April 2014
Cloak of Seasons
Cloak of Seasons The Cloak of Seasons was created by combining the Cloak of Spring, Cloak of Summer, Cloak of Autumn, and the Cloak of Winter, where each cloak was made by combining items from Treasure Hunter. 23 May 2014 2 July 2014
Rubber turkey Off-hand rubber turkey Christmas scythe Rubber turkey, Off-hand rubber turkey and Christmas scythe Rarely received when opening Christmas presents and Big Christmas presents, which were given by Santa's head elf after turning in enchanted snowballs made out of enchanted snow. Enchanted snow could be obtained from skilling and Treasure Hunter during December 2014. 3 December 2014 17 December 2014
Holly wreath
Holly wreath The holly wreath was a rare reward from Glowing crackers during December 2014. Glowing crackers were themselves rare rewards from opening big Christmas presents obtained by turning in enchanted snowballs to Santa's head elf. 3 December 2014 17 December 2014
Pet of seasons token
Pet of seasons token The Pet of seasons token was created by combining the Pet of Summer, Pet of Winter, Pet of Spring, and Pet of Autumn, or obtained from Treasure Hunter. 8 October 2015 13 October 2015

Other discontinued itemsEdit

In addition to holiday rares released by Jagex, there are other tradeable rare items that Jagex has left in the game after removing the methods to obtain them.

Image Name Description Release date Discontinuation date
Disk of returning
Disk of returning Previously in RuneScape there was an area known as 'The Black Hole', where rule breakers were held. Normal players could visit this area by purchasing this disk for 10 gp. It could then be spun to return from The Black Hole. 12 July 2001 December 2001
Half full wine jug
Half full wine jug Due to a change in the Cooking skill in the past, Wine was changed so it has 1 swig, not 2, only people with half jugs at the time of the change had these. 4 January 2001 Unknown
Fish mask
Fish mask This item was released via the Squeal of Fortune and was available throughout the 2012 summer months. The mask gives extra lines of chat while fishing. On the 28th of September 2012, it was removed from the Squeal of Fortune, making it the first tradeable rare since 2002. 6 June 2012 28 September 2012
Ship's biscuit
Ship's biscuit Available by purchasing for 100 Doubloons, gained from Treasure Hunter from the 18th to the 25th of September 2014. Edible and heals 250 life points, whilst also boosting a random skill (2). They cannot be traded via the Grand Exchange however may be traded in-person. 18 September 2014 25 September 2014
Crab hat (tradeable)
Crab hat (tradeable) Obtained by the Big mystery box from 28 June to 12 July 2015. When worn, lets players transform into a crab. Players can also take a picture of their character as a crab, but doing so will render it untradeable. 28 June 2015 12 July 2015
Prize token
Prize token Obtained by the Mystery box from 25 June to 28 June 2015. Can be redeemed for: Sand cape, Winston, Coconut hat, Spade and bucket overrides or Sandcastle Lootbeam. [1] 25 June 2015 28 June 2015
Barrel of monkeys (Summer Beach Party)
Barrel of Monkeys Obtained during the Summer Beach Party from 29 June to 1 September 2015. When used, the barrel releases up to 10 monkeys, lasting roughly 30 seconds before disappearing. 29 June 2015 1 September 2015
Pinata plushie
Pinata plushie Obtained from a piñata loot bag or loot piñata during a four-day promotion on Treasure Hunter. 14 December 2015 18 December 2015
Pinata sombrero
Pinata sombrero Obtained from a piñata loot bag or loot piñata during a four-day promotion on Treasure Hunter. 14 December 2015 18 December 2015

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