Release date 26 November 2013 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Ashdale
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine The happiest man in Ashdale.
Digory chathead

Digory Popplewell is a cheerful man and resident of Ashdale. He is good friends with Ned Swarbrick, who, in contrast to him, is extremely grumpy. Digory believes that doing things is bad for your health, and thus prefers to lounge around. Upon receiving news about the zombie invasion, he dismisses the idea,[1] though he later thanks the adventurer that repels the invasion.

When crassians invade Ashdale, he is captured by them, last seen being dragged away.[2] He remains missing, much to the worry of the island.[3]


  1. ^ Digory, "Ashdale Tutorial", RuneScape. "Zombies? Hah, you certainly have a vivid imagination, my friend. Everyone knows you don't get things like that in Ashdale!"
  2. ^ Lucy, "A Shadow over Ashdale", RuneScape. "The creatures took them away, but I don't know where. I remember seeing them dragging off poor Digory. Oh, it was horrible."
  3. ^ Lucy, "A Shadow over Ashdale", RuneScape. "Although no-one's seen Digory Popplewell since the crassian incident, and naturally everyone fears the worst."