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Dice bag was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Dice bag detail Player-run gambling activities are against the Rules of RuneScape.
Hosting or participating in player-run games of chance is a reportable offence.
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Dice bag detail
Rolling dice

A player rolling a six-sided die.

A dice bag contains dice. It could be purchased from Faruq in Al-Kharid for 10 coins, but it has been removed from the game due to complaints about "dice games".

On 15 November, 2011, the rolling feature of the dice was disabled and it was fully removed on 22 November 2011.

Before 15 November 2011, players could roll a dice in a friends chat or privately. There was an animation when a dice was rolled. Dice varied in colour depending on the number of sides they have.

Dice were used as a method for deciding what to do next with the result being linked to either an odd or an even number. It was common to utilise a standard 6-sided dice for this effect.

Originally the dice bag was to choose who would go first in the race.

In Faruq's Toolonomicon it says, 'The dice bag contains many kinds of dice. Use the bag to choose a dice and then roll for yourself or for your friends. You must put the dice away before you can place the bag in your bank.'

Players could choose the following from the bag:


In the past, people would host dice games, where players bet their money that a roll of the 1-100 (two 10-sided) dice would be higher or lower than a set number. However, these games were the very reason that Jagex removed the dice, as many dishonest "hosts" scammed others out of their money. Jagex stated that the dice were never really made for gambling.


  • You could not use the Dice bag at the Duel Arena, Grand Exchange, Banks, and many other areas. This was presumably Jagex's way of limiting gambling in potential hot spots before they disabled dice.
  • The variety of dice in the dice bag is the same as that used in the game Dungeons and Dragons, as well as many other table top role-playing games. They are commonly referred to by the number of sides on the die, eg D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20.
  • Dice bags were disabled on 15 November 2011, a week before the removal of the actual item. Mod Mark made a forum post regarding why which received mixed feedback. (QFC: 15-16-957-63375704 Link no longer works). Any attempt to use them after the disabling gave the message "This feature has been disabled."
  • Dice games were largely replaced by flower games.
  • In Faruq's stall, you can still see a dice bag sitting on the counter acting as if the dice is still being sold there, although it was removed.

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