It is possible to reclaim many items from Diango in Draynor Village, Ianto in Prifddinas, and Azibo in Menaphos. Some items have return costs and some cannot be reclaimed once combined to make a different outfit.

Holiday itemsEdit

Holiday items
15th Anniversary party hat 15th Anniversary party hat
200m glasses 200m glasses
Blue marionette Blue marionette
Bobble hat Bobble hat
Bobble scarf Bobble scarf
Bone brooch Bone brooch
Builder's apron Builder's apron
Bunch of flowers Bunch of flowers
Bunny ears Bunny ears
Buskin mask Buskin mask
Butterfly legs Butterfly legs
Butterfly mask Butterfly mask
Butterfly top Butterfly top
Candy cane Candy cane
Carnival headdress (blue) Carnival headdress (blue)
Chicken feet Chicken feet
Chicken head Chicken head
Chicken legs Chicken legs
Chicken wings Chicken wings
Chocatrice cape Chocatrice cape
Chocolate egg on face mask Chocolate egg on face mask
Christmas ghost bottoms Christmas ghost bottoms
Christmas ghost top Christmas ghost top
Christmas ghost hood Christmas ghost hood
Christmas wand Christmas wand
Cornucopia Cornucopia
Deathcon lanyard Deathcon lanyard
Deathcon t-shirt Deathcon t-shirt
Easter carrot Easter carrot
Easter ring Easter ring
Ectoplasmator Ectoplasmator
Eek Eek
Egg on face mask Egg on face mask
Eggsterminator Eggsterminator
Everlasting gobstopper Everlasting gobstopper
Explorer Jack's helmet Explorer Jack's helmet
Festive jumper Festive jumper
Flagstaff of Festivities Flagstaff of Festivities
Golden cracker Golden cracker
Golden scythe Golden scythe
Green marionette Green marionette
Grim reaper hood Grim reaper hood
Hallowed boots Hallowed boots
Hallowed cloak Hallowed cloak
Hallowed gloves Hallowed gloves
Hallowed hood Hallowed hood
Hallowed robe skirt Hallowed robe skirt
Hallowed torso Hallowed torso
Hawai'i parasol Hawai'i parasol
Heart balloon Heart balloon
Heimland games souvenir Heimland games souvenir
Hourglass (2011 Hallowe'en event) Hourglass
Hypnotic parasol Hypnotic parasol
Ice amulet Ice amulet
Icicle crown Icicle crown
Investigator's coat Investigator's coat
Investigator's hat Investigator's hat
Investigator's trousers Investigator's trousers
Jack lantern mask Jack lantern mask
Jester hat Jester hat
Jester scarf Jester scarf
Kahului parasol Kahului parasol
Kauai parasol Kauai parasol
Mackers Mackers
Magnifying glass Magnifying glass
Maui parasol Maui parasol
Mysterious book Mysterious book
O'ahu parasol O'ahu parasol
Penguin feet Penguin feet
Penguin gloves Penguin gloves
Penguin head Penguin head
Penguin legs Penguin legs
Penguin torso Penguin torso
Red marionette Red marionette
Reindeer hat Reindeer hat
Ring of snow Ring of snow
Rock fragment Rock fragment
Rubber chicken Rubber chicken
RuneFest 2011 hood RuneFest 2011 hood
RuneFest 2013 Cape RuneFest 2013 Cape
Salty claws hat Salty claws hat
Sam's hat Sam's hat
San'tar spawnling San'tar spawnling
Santa beard Santa beard
Santa costume boots Santa costume boots
Santa costume gloves Santa costume gloves
Santa costume legs (male) Santa costume legs
Santa costume top (male) Santa costume top
Staff of devotion (1) Staff of devotion
Santa sack Santa sack
Scythe Scythe
Skeleton boots Skeleton boots
Skeleton gloves Skeleton gloves
Skeleton leggings Skeleton leggings
Skeleton mask Skeleton mask
Skeleton shirt Skeleton shirt
Skull mask Skull mask
Snow globe Snow globe
Snowboard (tier 1) Snowboard
Snowverload plushie Snowverload plushie
Sock mask Sock mask
Sparkles Sparkles
Squirrel ears Squirrel ears
Sunbeam crown Sunbeam crown
Tinsel scarf Tinsel scarf
Tri-jester hat Tri-jester hat
Tri-jester scarf Tri-jester scarf
Unhallowed boots Unhallowed boots
Unhallowed cloak Unhallowed cloak
Unhallowed gloves Unhallowed gloves
Unhallowed hood Unhallowed hood
Unhallowed robe skirt Unhallowed robe skirt
Unhallowed torso Unhallowed torso
Warlock cloak Warlock cloak
Warlock legs Warlock legs
Warlock top Warlock top
Web cloak Web cloak
Wintumber tree Wintumber tree
Witch cloak Witch cloak
Witch skirt Witch skirt
Witch top Witch top
Woolly hat Woolly hat
Woolly scarf Woolly scarf
Yo-yo Yo-yo
Zombie head Zombie head

Treasure Hunter itemsEdit

Treasure Hunter items
Aegis of devotion Aegis of devotion[1]
Archon headdress Archon outfit
Ardent mace Ardent mace[1]
Armadylean ceremonial robe bottom Armadylean ceremonial robe bottom
Armadylean ceremonial robe top Armadylean ceremonial robe top
Astromancer hat Astromancer outfit
Bad weather umbrella Bad weather umbrella
Balancing wand (70) Balancing wand
Balloon rest token Balloon rest token
Ban hammer (70) Ban hammer[1]
Bat necklace Bat necklace
Black parasol Black parasol
Black zodiac costume Black zodiac costume
Blue zodiac costume Blue zodiac costume
Boots of Spring Boots of Spring
Boots of Summer Boots of Summer
Boots of Autumn Boots of Autumn
Boots of Winter Boots of Winter
Bottoms of Spring Bottoms of Spring
Bottoms of Summer Bottoms of Summer
Bottoms of Autumn Bottoms of Autumn
Bottoms of Winter Bottoms of Winter
Brilliant alchemist's amulet (uncharged) Brilliant alchemist's amulet
Broken heart 6 Broken heart[1]
Bulwark of revenge Bulwark of revenge[1]
Chest of Spring Chest of Spring
Chest of Summer Chest of Summer
Chest of Autumn Chest of Autumn
Chest of Winter Chest of Winter
Chic scarf (red) Chic scarf
Cloak of Spring Cloak of Spring
Cloak of Summer Cloak of Summer
Cloak of Autumn Cloak of Autumn
Cloak of Winter Cloak of Winter
Coin of balance Coin of balance
Cool disco top Cool disco outfit
Crate o' fake beards Crate o' fake beards
Crate o' peg legs Crate o' peg legs
Crown of hearts Crown of hearts
Crown of misery Crown of misery
Crown of the fallen Crown of the fallen
Cupid bow 1 Cupid bow[1]
Cupid's halo Cupid's halo
Dark helm Dark armour
Dazzling two-leaf clover necklace Dazzling two-leaf clover necklace
Dazzling three-leaf clover necklace Dazzling three-leaf clover necklace
Dazzling four-leaf clover necklace Dazzling four-leaf clover necklace
Demonic horns (Valentine's) Demonic horns (Valentine's)
Disco top Disco outfit
Dragon ceremonial hat Dragon ceremonial outfit
El Astado El Astado
El Chango Descarado El Chango Descarado
El Defensor El Defensor
El Dios de la Guerra El Dios de la Guerra
El Hombre Verde El Hombre Verde
El Padre de la Luz El Padre de la Luz
El Serpiente El Serpiente
Enchanted bunny egg Enchanted bunny egg
Enchanted chick egg Enchanted chick egg
Enchanted lamb egg Enchanted lamb egg
Exquisite 2h sword (10) Exquisite 2h sword[1]
Exquisite battleaxe (10) Exquisite battleaxe[1]
Exquisite claw (10) Exquisite claw[1]
Exquisite crossbow (10) Exquisite crossbow[1]
Exquisite halberd (10) Exquisite halberd[1]
Exquisite longsword (10) Exquisite longsword[1]
Exquisite mace (10) Exquisite mace[1]
Exquisite orb (10) Exquisite orb[1]
Exquisite shield (10) Exquisite shield[1]
Exquisite shortbow (10) Exquisite shortbow[1]
Exquisite spear (10) Exquisite spear[1]
Exquisite staff (10) Exquisite staff[1]
Exquisite sword (10) Exquisite sword[1]
Exquisite wand (10) Exquisite wand[1]
Exquisite whip (10) Exquisite whip[1]
Fire warrior helm Fire warrior outfit
Flaming head Flaming head
Ghostly Fremennik hood Ghostly Fremennik outfit
Ghostly druid head Ghostly druid outfit
Ghostly farmer head Ghostly farmer outfit
Ghostly fisher hat Ghostly fisher outfit
Ghostly guard head Ghostly guard outfit
Ghostly princess hat Ghostly princess outfit
Gloves of Spring Gloves of Spring
Gloves of Summer Gloves of Summer
Gloves of Autumn Gloves of Autumn
Gloves of Winter Gloves of Winter
Glowbug in a jar Glowbug in a jar
Gnomeballer's shorts (blue) Gnomeballer's shorts
Gnomeballer's tunic (yellow) Gnomeballer's tunic
Godless ceremonial robe bottom Godless ceremonial robe bottom
Godless ceremonial robe top Godless ceremonial robe top
Gold zodiac costume Gold zodiac costume
Golden cane Golden cane
Green zodiac costume Green zodiac costume
Handheld masquerade mask Handheld masquerade mask
Haters medallion Haters medallion
Heartbreak pendant Heartbreak pendant
Heartfreezer amulet Heartfreezer amulet
Heartseeker crossbow (50) Heartseeker crossbow[1]
Helm of Blood Helm of Blood[1]
Helm of Darkness Helm of Darkness[1]
Helm of Devilry Helm of Devilry[1]
Helm of Foulness Helm of Foulness[1]
Helm of Grotesquery Helm of Grotesquery[1]
Helm of Keening Helm of Keening[1]
Helm of Little Kings Helm of Little Kings[1]
Helm of Mutation Helm of Mutation[1]
Helm of Petrification Helm of Petrification[1]
Helm of Warping Helm of Warping[1]
Helm of the Airut Helm of the Airut[1]
Helm of the Aquanites Helm of the Aquanites[1]
Helm of the Automatons Helm of the Automatons[1]
Helm of the Black Demon Helm of the Black Demon[1]
Helm of the Dagannoth Helm of the Dagannoth[1]
Helm of the Dead Hand Helm of the Dead Hand[1]
Helm of the Frozen Wyrm Helm of the Frozen Wyrm[1]
Helm of the Ganodermic Helm of the Ganodermic[1]
Helm of the Kuraski Helm of the Kuraski[1]
Helm of the Parched Wyrm Helm of the Parched Wyrm[1]
Helm of the Troll Helm of the Troll[1]
Helm of the Verdant Wyrm Helm of the Verdant Wyrm[1]
Hype train Hype train
Ice cream cone hat Ice cream cone hat
Ice warrior helm Ice warrior outfit
Imcando axe Imcando axe[1]
Imcando channeling rod Imcando channeling rod[1]
Imcando pistol Imcando pistol[1]
Infected zombie head Infected zombie outfit
Jellyhead Jellyhead
Jolly Roger cape Jolly Roger cape
Kalphite King helm Kalphite King helm
La Diosa de Cristal La Diosa de Cristal
La Justicia Voladora La Justicia Voladora
La Sombra La Sombra
Large gnomeball Large gnomeball
Leprechaun hat Leprechaun hat
Light helm Light armour
Lovers medallion Lovers medallion
Lovestruck pendant Lovestruck pendant
Lucky coin Lucky coin
Luminous alchemist's amulet (charged) Luminous alchemist's amulet
Mammoth plushie Mammoth plushie
Map hat Map hat
Mask of Broken Fingers Mask of Broken Fingers[1]
Mask of Crimson Mask of Crimson[1]
Mask of Dust Mask of Dust[1]
Mask of Gelatin Mask of Gelatin[1]
Mask of Gloom Mask of Gloom[1]
Mask of Granite Mask of Granite[1]
Mask of Mourning Mask of Mourning[1]
Mask of Reflection Mask of Reflection[1]
Mask of Stench Mask of Stench[1]
Mask of Stone Mask of Stone[1]
Mask of Vines Mask of Vines[1]
Mask of the Abyss Mask of the Abyss[1]
Mask of the Airut Mask of the Airut[1]
Mask of the Aquanites Mask of the Aquanites[1]
Mask of the Automatons Mask of the Automatons[1]
Mask of the Black Demon Mask of the Black Demon[1]
Mask of the Dagannoth Mask of the Dagannoth[1]
Mask of the Ganodermic Mask of the Ganodermic[1]
Mask of the Green Wyrm Mask of the Green Wyrm[1]
Mask of the Kura Mask of the Kura[1]
Mask of the Troll Mask of the Troll[1]
Mask of the White Wyrm Mask of the White Wyrm[1]
Mask of the Yellow Wyrm Mask of the Yellow Wyrm[1]
Masquerade mask Masquerade mask
Octopus backpack Octopus backpack
Off-hand exquisite battleaxe (10) Off-hand exquisite battleaxe[1]
Off-hand exquisite claw (10) Off-hand exquisite claw[1]
Off-hand exquisite crossbow (10) Off-hand exquisite crossbow[1]
Off-hand exquisite longsword (10) Off-hand exquisite longsword[1]
Off-hand exquisite mace (10) Off-hand exquisite mace[1]
Off-hand exquisite sword (10) Off-hand exquisite sword[1]
Off-hand serpentine rapier (70) Off-hand serpentine rapier[1]
Oriental fan Oriental fan
Penguin plushie Penguin plushie
Polly Polly
Potion hat Potion hat
Queen Black Dragon helm Queen Black Dragon helm
Ramokee headwear Ramokee outfit
Red zodiac costume Red zodiac costume
Rosethorn wand Rosethorn wand[1]
Saradominist ceremonial robe bottom Saradominist ceremonial robe bottom
Saradominist ceremonial robe top Saradominist ceremonial robe top
Sceptre of enchantment Sceptre of enchantment
Serpentine 2h crossbow (70) Serpentine 2h crossbow[1]
Serpentine rapier (70) Serpentine rapier[1]
Serpentine wand (70) Serpentine wand[1]
Shiny two-leaf clover necklace Shiny two-leaf clover necklace
Shiny three-leaf clover necklace Shiny three-leaf clover necklace
Shiny four-leaf clover necklace Shiny four-leaf clover necklace
Ship's wheel shield (40) Ship's wheel shield[1]
Silver hawk Silver hawk
Silverhawk boots (60) Silverhawk boots[1]
Skirmisher helm (60) Skirmisher armour[1]
Sombrero Sombrero
Sparkling two-leaf clover necklace Sparkling two-leaf clover necklace
Sparkling three-leaf clover necklace Sparkling three-leaf clover necklace
Sparkling four-leaf clover necklace Sparkling four-leaf clover necklace
Spear of despite (50) Spear of despite[1]
Springy pet token Springy pet token
Staff of adoration Staff of adoration[1]
Starfire cape (40) Starfire cape[1]
Starfire helmet (40) Starfire helmet[1]
Starfire chestplate (40) Starfire chestplate[1]
Starfire legplates (40) Starfire legplates[1]
Starfire gauntlets (40) Starfire gauntlets[1]
Starfire melee boots (40) Starfire melee boots[1]
Starfire coif (40) Starfire coif[1]
Starfire hauberk (40) Starfire hauberk[1]
Starfire chaps (40) Starfire chaps[1]
Starfire vambraces (40) Starfire vambraces[1]
Starfire ranged boots (40) Starfire ranged boots[1]
Starfire hood (40) Starfire hood[1]
Starfire robe (40) Starfire robe[1]
Starfire skirt (40) Starfire skirt[1]
Starfire gloves (40) Starfire gloves[1]
Starfire magic boots (40) Starfire magic boots[1]
Starfury cape (70) Starfury cape[1]
Starfury helmet (70) Starfury helmet[1]
Starfury chestplate (70) Starfury chestplate[1]
Starfury legplates (70) Starfury legplates[1]
Starfury gauntlets (70) Starfury gauntlets[1]
Starfury melee boots (70) Starfury melee boots[1]
Starfury coif (70) Starfury coif[1]
Starfury hauberk (70) Starfury hauberk[1]
Starfury chaps (70) Starfury chaps[1]
Starfury vambraces (70) Starfury vambraces[1]
Starfury ranged boots (70) Starfury ranged boots[1]
Starfury hood (70) Starfury hood[1]
Starfury robe (70) Starfury robe[1]
Starfury skirt (70) Starfury skirt[1]
Starfury gloves (70) Starfury gloves[1]
Starfury magic boots (70) Starfury magic boots[1]
Summer sun ring Summer sun ring
Sunglasses (blue) Sunglasses
Super disco top Super disco outfit
Swagger Stick Swagger Stick
Telescope (Treasure Hunter) Telescope (Treasure Hunter)
Tribal Tattoo Tribal Tattoo
Twang crossbow Twang crossbow[1]
Two-handed swordfish Two-handed swordfish[1]
Warlord headdress Warlord outfit
White stag bow White stag bow
Zamorakian ceremonial robe bottom Zamorakian ceremonial robe bottom
Zamorakian ceremonial robe top Zamorakian ceremonial robe top

Squeal of Fortune itemsEdit

Squeal of Fortune items
Arcane Tattoo Arcane Tattoo
Auspicious Katana Auspicious Katana
Beach ball Beach ball
Bold Tattoo Bold Tattoo
Christmas pudding amulet Christmas pudding amulet
Closed helmet Closed helmet
Coronet of Spring Coronet of Spring
Coronet of Summer Coronet of Summer
Coronet of Autumn Coronet of Autumn
Coronet of Winter Coronet of Winter
Prismatic pendant Cosmetic prismatic pendant[1]
Prized prismatic pendant Cosmetic prized prismatic pendant[1]
Curled Horns Curled Horns
Dominion Tower maul Dominion Tower maul
Fang of Mohegan Fang of Mohegan
Flying Goblin Hat Flying Goblin Hat
Four-leaf clover necklace Four-leaf clover necklace
Ghoulish mask Ghoulish mask
Headsplitter hat Headsplitter hat
Hear-no-evil monkey hat Hear-no-evil monkey hat
Intricate Tattoo Intricate Tattoo
Legendary Horns Legendary Horns
Long Horns Long Horns
Marauder Tattoo Marauder Tattoo
Monkey mace Monkey mace
Mystic Tattoo Mystic Tattoo
One-leaf clover necklace One-leaf clover necklace
Pumpkin amulet Pumpkin amulet
Queen's guard hat Queen's guard hat
Queen's guard shirt Queen's guard shirt
Queen's guard shoes Queen's guard shoes
Queen's guard staff Queen's guard staff
Queen's guard trousers Queen's guard trousers
Radiant alchemist's amulet Radiant alchemist's amulet
Samid's gloves Samid's gloves
See-no-evil monkey hat See-no-evil monkey hat
Shark fist 1 Shark fist[2]
Shining alchemist's amulet Shining alchemist's amulet[2]
Skullbuster hat Skullbuster hat
Slayer Tower shortbow Slayer Tower shortbow
Speak-no-evil monkey hat Speak-no-evil monkey hat
Starfire sword (30) Starfire sword[2]
Starfire bow (30) Starfire bow[2]
Starfire staff (30) Starfire staff[2]
Starfury sword (60) Starfury sword[2]
Starfury bow (60) Starfury bow[2]
Starfury staff (60) Starfury staff[2]
Mask of Amascut Mask of Amascut
Summer barbecue Summer barbecue
Summer storm ring Summer storm ring
Swag Bag Swag Bag
Three-leaf clover necklace Three-leaf clover necklace
Tormented mask of Icthlarin Tormented mask of Icthlarin
Twisted Horns Twisted Horns
Two-leaf clover necklace Two-leaf clover necklace
TzHaar whip TzHaar whip[2]
Vile Horns Vile Horns
Wizards' Tower staff Wizards' Tower staff

Skilling outfits and itemsEdit

Skill Outfits and Items
Abandoned gorajan trailblazer head Abandoned gorajan trailblazer outfit
Artisan's bandana Artisan's outfit[1]
Artisan's bandana add-on Artisan's bandana add-on[1]
Black ibis mask Black ibis outfit
Blacksmith's helmet Blacksmith's outfit[1]
Blacksmith's helmet add-on Blacksmith's helmet add-on[1]
Blood ethereal head Blood ethereal outfit[2]
Botanist's mask Botanist's outfit[1]
Botanist's mask add-on Botanist's mask add-on[1]
Burnt shark head Burnt shark outfit[3]
Constructor's hat Constructor's outfit
Death ethereal head Death ethereal outfit[2]
Desert camouflage head Desert camouflage outfit
Divination chronicle head Divination chronicle outfit
Divination energy head Divination energy outfit
Divination memory head Divination memory outfit
Diviner's headwear Diviner's outfit
Diviner's headwear add-on Diviner's headwear add-on[1]
Elder divination head Elder divination outfit
Emerald golem head Emerald golem outfit[4]
Farmer's hat Farmer's outfit[1]
Farmer's hat add-on Farmer's hat add-on[1]
First age tiara First age outfit[1]
First age tiara add-on First age tiara add-on[1]
Fletcher's headwear Fletcher's outfit
Frozen gorajan trailblazer head Frozen gorajan trailblazer outfit
Furnished gorajan trailblazer head Furnished gorajan trailblazer outfit
Fury shark head Fury shark outfit
Golden mining helmet Golden mining outfit
Hunter's headwear Hunter's outfit
Infinity ethereal head Infinity ethereal outfit
Keldagrim camouflage head Keldagrim camouflage outfit
Law ethereal head Law ethereal outfit[2]
Lumberjack hat Lumberjack outfit
Magic golem head Magic golem outfit
Maple sentinel helm Maple sentinel outfit
Master camouflage head Master camouflage outfit
Master runecrafter hat Master runecrafter robes
Nature's sentinel helm Nature's sentinel outfit
Nimble headwear Nimble outfit
Oaken sentinel helm Oaken sentinel outfit
Occult gorajan trailblazer head Occult gorajan trailblazer outfit
Prifddinas camouflage head Prifddinas camouflage outfit
Ruby golem head Ruby golem outfit[4]
Sapphire golem head Sapphire golem outfit[4]
Shaman's headdress Shaman's outfit[1]
Shaman's headdress add-on Shaman's headdress add-on[1]
Shark head Shark outfit[3]
Sous chef's toque Sous chef's outfit[1]
Sous chef's toque add-on Sous chef's toque add-on[1]
Tiger shark head Tiger shark outfit[3]
Warped gorajan trailblazer head Warped gorajan trailblazer outfit
Willow sentinel helm Willow sentinel outfit

Lucky itemsEdit

Lucky Items
Lucky Armadyl helmet Lucky Armadyl helmet[1]
Lucky Armadyl chestplate Lucky Armadyl chestplate[1]
Lucky Armadyl chainskirt Lucky Armadyl chainskirt[1]
Lucky Armadyl crossbow Lucky Armadyl crossbow[1]
Off-hand Lucky Armadyl crossbow Off-hand Lucky Armadyl crossbow[1]
Lucky Bandos helmet Lucky Bandos helmet[1]
Lucky Bandos chestplate Lucky Bandos chestplate[1]
Lucky Bandos tassets Lucky Bandos tassets[1]
Lucky Bandos boots Lucky Bandos boots[1]
Lucky hood of subjugation Lucky hood of subjugation[1]
Lucky garb of subjugation Lucky garb of subjugation[1]
Lucky gown of subjugation Lucky gown of subjugation[1]
Lucky dragon full helm Lucky dragon full helm[1]
Lucky dragon chainbody Lucky dragon chainbody[1]
Lucky dragon platebody Lucky dragon platebody[1]
Lucky spectral spirit shield Lucky spectral spirit shield[1]
Lucky arcane spirit shield Lucky arcane spirit shield[1]
Lucky elysian spirit shield Lucky elysian spirit shield[1]
Lucky divine spirit shield Lucky divine spirit shield[1]
Lucky Armadyl godsword Lucky Armadyl godsword[1]
Lucky Bandos godsword Lucky Bandos godsword[1]
Lucky Saradomin godsword Lucky Saradomin godsword[1]
Lucky Zamorak godsword Lucky Zamorak godsword[1]
Lucky Zamorakian spear Lucky Zamorakian spear[1]
Lucky Saradomin sword Lucky Saradomin sword[1]
Lucky abyssal whip Lucky abyssal whip[1]
Lucky dragon 2h sword Lucky dragon 2h sword[1]
Lucky dragon claw Lucky dragon claw[1]
Lucky off-hand dragon claw Lucky off-hand dragon claw[1]
Lucky chaotic maul Lucky chaotic maul[1]
Lucky chaotic claw Lucky chaotic claw[1]
Lucky off-hand chaotic claw Lucky off-hand chaotic claw[1]
Lucky chaotic rapier Lucky chaotic rapier[1]
Lucky off-hand chaotic rapier Lucky off-hand chaotic rapier[1]
Lucky chaotic longsword Lucky chaotic longsword[1]
Lucky off-hand chaotic longsword Lucky off-hand chaotic longsword[1]
Lucky chaotic spear Lucky chaotic spear[1]
Lucky chaotic crossbow Lucky chaotic crossbow[1]
Lucky off-hand chaotic crossbow Lucky off-hand chaotic crossbow[1]
Lucky chaotic staff Lucky chaotic staff[1]
Lucky chaotic kiteshield Lucky chaotic kiteshield[1]
Lucky eagle-eye kiteshield Lucky eagle-eye kiteshield[1]
Lucky farseer kiteshield Lucky farseer kiteshield[1]
Lucky Ahrim's hood Lucky Ahrim's hood[1] [2]
Lucky Ahrim's robe top Lucky Ahrim's robe top[1][2]
Lucky Ahrim's robe skirt Lucky Ahrim's robe skirt[1][2]
Lucky Ahrim's staff Lucky Ahrim's staff[1][2]
Lucky Dharok's helm Lucky Dharok's helm[1][2]
Lucky Dharok's platebody Lucky Dharok's platebody[1][2]
Lucky Dharok's platelegs Lucky Dharok's platelegs[1][2]
Lucky Dharok's greataxe Lucky Dharok's greataxe[1][2]
Lucky Guthan's helm Lucky Guthan's helm[1][2]
Lucky Guthan's platebody Lucky Guthan's platebody[1][2]
Lucky Guthan's chainskirt Lucky Guthan's chainskirt[1][2]
Lucky Guthan's warspear Lucky Guthan's warspear[1][2]
Lucky Karil's coif Lucky Karil's coif[1][2]
Lucky Karil's top Lucky Karil's top[1][2]
Lucky Karil's skirt Lucky Karil's skirt[1][2]
Lucky Karil's crossbow Lucky Karil's crossbow[1][2]
Lucky Torag's helm Lucky Torag's helm[1][2]
Lucky Torag's platebody Lucky Torag's platebody[1][2]
Lucky Torag's platelegs Lucky Torag's platelegs[1][2]
Lucky Torag's hammer Lucky Torag's hammer[1][2]
Lucky Verac's helm Lucky Verac's helm[1][2]
Lucky Verac's brassard Lucky Verac's brassard[1][2]
Lucky Verac's plateskirt Lucky Verac's plateskirt[1][2]
Lucky Verac's flail Lucky Verac's flail[1][2]

Other reclaimable itemsEdit

Non-Holiday and Treasure Hunter items
Artisan monkey trinket Artisan monkey trinket
Avalani's hat Avalani's hat
Avalani's robe bottoms Avalani's robe bottoms
Avalani's robe top Avalani's robe top
Barbed bow Barbed bow
Beta scientist backpack Beta scientist backpack
Beta scientist feet Beta scientist feet
Beta scientist gloves Beta scientist gloves
Beta scientist head Beta scientist head
Beta scientist legs Beta scientist legs
Beta scientist torso Beta scientist torso
Boogie bow Boogie bow
Bright reindeer-terrorbird mount Bright reindeer-terrorbird mount
Bronze athlete's gloves Bronze athlete's gloves
Bronze athlete's hat Bronze athlete's hat
Bronze athlete's legs Bronze athlete's legs
Bronze athlete's shirt Bronze athlete's shirt
Bronze athlete's shoes Bronze athlete's shoes
Bronze torch Bronze torch
Bubble blower Bubble blower
Candy floss maul Candy floss maul
Cape of Validation Cape of Validation
Anti-dragon throwing disc case Anti-dragon throwing disc case
Capoeira top Capoeira top
Capoeira legs Capoeira legs
Capoeira dreadlocks Capoeira dreadlocks
Corgi Corgi
Crown of Loyalty (1 year) Crown of Loyalty
Chrome goggles Chrome goggles
Crystal amulet Crystal amulet
Combat monkey trinket Combat monkey trinket
Deployable herb burner Deployable herb burner
Diamond crown Diamond crown
Diamond sceptre Diamond sceptre
Draccles Draccles
Energised arm cannon (65) Energised arm cannon
Fenrir body Fenrir body
Fenrir legs Fenrir legs
Festive mistletoe Festive mistletoe
Flaming skull (red) Flaming skull
Fleshy parchment Fleshy parchment
GameBlast 2016 balloon GameBlast 2016 balloon
Gathering monkey trinket Gathering monkey trinket
Goblin basher (40) Goblin basher
Gold athlete's gloves Gold athlete's gloves
Gold athlete's hat Gold athlete's hat
Gold athlete's legs Gold athlete's legs
Gold athlete's shirt Gold athlete's shirt
Gold athlete's shoes Gold athlete's shoes
Golden katana Golden katana
Gold torch Gold torch
Green skin Green skin
Hati cloak Hati cloak
Hati head Hati head
Hati paws Hati paws
High Armour of Hanto cuirass High Armour of Hanto cuirass
High Armour of Hanto handguards High Armour of Hanto handguards
High Armour of Hanto headpiece High Armour of Hanto headpiece
High Armour of Hanto legguards High Armour of Hanto legguards
High Armour of Hanto sabatons High Armour of Hanto sabatons
Hoe Hoe
Ice mask (angry) Ice mask
Kharidian music box Kharidian music box
Lightning staff 1 Lightning staff
List of resolutions List of resolutions
Lost sword of King Raddallin Lost sword of King Raddallin[1]
Mad necklace Mad necklace
Masterwork music box Masterwork music box
Monkey cape Monkey cape
Morytanian music box Morytanian music box
Mystical staff (75) Mystical staff
Off-hand goblin basher (1) Off-hand goblin basher
Ornate katana Ornate katana
Rage of Hyu-Ji Rage of Hyu-Ji[1]
Rainbow kite Rainbow kite
Reindeer-terrorbird mount Reindeer-terrorbird mount
Ring of sand Ring of sand
Scarecrow mask Scarecrow mask
Silver athlete's gloves Silver athlete's gloves
Silver athlete's hat Silver athlete's hat
Silver athlete's legs Silver athlete's legs
Silver athlete's shirt Silver athlete's shirt
Silver athlete's shoes Silver athlete's shoes
Silver torch Silver torch
Sköll amulet Sköll amulet
Sköll boots Sköll boots
Socky McGee Socky McGee
Support monkey trinket Support monkey trinket
Terrorbird mount Terrorbird mount
Thalassia's Revenge Thalassia's Revenge[1]
Treasure map (Summer Beach Party) Treasure map (Summer Beach Party)
Turkey hat Turkey hat
Winds of Waiko Winds of Waiko[1]
Yak Balloon Yak Balloon
Yak plushie Yak plushie

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