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Dharok's armour set equipped

A player wearing a full set of Dharok's equipment

Dharok the Wretched's equipment is obtainable from Barrows. Note that completing the minigame does not guarantee you will get a Barrows item. Like all Barrows equipment, Dharok's requires 70 Defence to wear, while the Greataxe requires 70 Attack and Strength to wield. Note that over a period of time like all Barrows items, the armour will degrade, making it untradeable when it is at 100% and below. It is only tradeable when fully repaired or fully degraded.

Set EffectEdit

Dharoks Might: Maximum melee hit increases according to percentage of health the user has remaining. The damage increase maxes out at 1 life point and the effect has been strengthened and made more comparable to the pre-EoC effect (which doubled damage at 1 life point) since the Legacy update, although the effect now only activates from half health or below (instead of from any amount of life points lost from full health). This effect does stack with abilities but only basic abilities.  The full set must be wielded to yield the special effect. Due to the fact that at low life points the risk of dying is very high, many players only use Dharok's for playing safe minigames such as Pest Control or when training on monsters with a low max hit such as Experiments. Alternatively, some players utilise the set effect while using the Protect from Melee prayer or Deflect Melee curse. However protection prayers no longer mitigate 100% of damage received so the risk of using Dharoks at low life points is very high.

Wretched Strength

A player activating Dharok's set effect, Wretched Strength.

Many players using Dharok's intentionally lower their life points to take advantage of the set effect, colloquially referred to as "Dharoking". Common methods of lowering life points are:

  • Dropping nitroglycerin, which will deal 250 damage, or 350 if it has been identified by the archaeological expert at the Exam Centre.
  • Using the Lunar spells Heal Other or Heal Group, both of which hit for 75% of the player's life points.
  • Drinking Zamorak brews, which remove 10% +20 of remaining life points.
  • Attacking Splatters at Pest Control, which explode upon death, damaging all nearby players. Dharok's set is commonly used in Pest Control, as it is a safe minigame and the dangerous nature of Dharok's set makes death more likely.
  • Using the fire traps in Oubliette rapidly removes 200-400 life points per tick.
  • Picking nettles without gloves on, which deals 60 points of damage per attempt.
  • Drinking Poison chalices, which can lower up to 600 life points (or heal up to 490).
  • Attempting to eat a Dwarven rock cake, which deals 10 damage per bite.
  • Using the ultimate ability Balanced Strike on a monster with drastically lower life point percentage than the player's life point percentage.

"Dharoking" Ideally is used for opponents with high life points and low offensive stats. Facing opponents with high offensive stats can be very dangerous.


Dharok's Grand Exchange cost
Dharok's helmDharok's helm484,706 [view]
Dharok's platebodyDharok's platebody370,375 [view]
Dharok's platelegsDharok's platelegs436,147 [view]
Dharok's greataxeDharok's greataxe723,714 [view]
Total price2,014,942
[view] [talk]
Dharok's Equipment (broken) Grand Exchange cost
Dharok's helm (broken)Dharok's helm (broken)374,260 [view]
Dharok's platebody (broken)Dharok's platebody (broken)197,765 [view]
Dharok's platelegs (broken)Dharok's platelegs (broken)288,291 [view]
Dharok's greataxe (broken)Dharok's greataxe (broken)408,942 [view]
Total price1,269,258
[view] [talk]

Components and BonusesEdit

Mainhand info Off-hand info Attributes Strength bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence-icon Constitution-icon Prayer-icon Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Dharok's helmDharok's helm - - - - - - 297 0 0 - - -
Dharok's platebodyDharok's platebody - - - - - - 341 0 0 - - -
Dharok's platelegsDharok's platelegs - - - - - - 326 0 0 - - -
Dharok's greataxeDharok's greataxe Slash 1564 1486 - - - 0 0 0 - - -
Totals Slash 1564 1486 - - - 964 0 0 - - -


  • Attempting to take the Holy Cithara from the Reliquary beneath the Abbey reduces the player's life points to 1, this would be an effective way of safely lowering the player's life points.
  • On January 4th, 2012 update the armour had a graphical makeover.
  • For a while after the release of the Evolution of Combat, the set effects of Dharok's equipment could be stacked with the use of abilities. In addition, the set effect appeared to use its pre-EoC formula. This resulted in players being capable of hitting well over 4500 damage without a miss (even if the target did not have a weakness to slash or melee combat), which in turn created a large imbalance in armours and caused the set to go up to around 25 million coins (street price). This was changed on 11 December 2012, when the effect was reduced significantly, and no longer work on abilities.
    • Prior to the Evolution of Combat update, for every life point that was lost, the max hit appears to be 0.1% higher; when a player has 990 max life points and is reduced to 1, the set effect will deal close to double damage (98.9% higher).
  • Using Dharok's set effect on deadly red spiders allows you to kill 15-17 of them a minute, provided that your health is below 10%, in the chaos tunnels, using legacy mode and have an attack level of over 85. This means that if you kill them consistently at the aforementioned rate, you will gain up to 380K of combat experience per hour as well as over 120K constitution experience per hour, totalling 500k xp per hour. This makes it one of the fastest ways to train melee in the game.

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