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Dharok the Wretched (abbreviated by some players as DH), is the second oldest of the six Barrows brothers. Like most of the Barrows Brothers, he attacks with melee, using his greataxe. Dharok attacks at a slower speed than his brothers, but when he is at low health he can hit extremely high and thus he is considered by most players to be the most dangerous of the Barrows brothers.

Dharok's set effect; Dharok's Might, causes his average damage dealt to be increased as he loses life points. This causes him to hit upwards of 3000-4000 when at low life points. Therefore it is incredibly important for a player to watch their life points as well as prayer points (if using protection prayers - Highly recommended) and to eat food whenever necessary. Protect from Melee/Deflect Melee are also recommended when fighting him, as they can block up to 50% of damage he inflicts, reducing the maximum hit to around 1000-2000.


When fought in the standard Barrows minigame, Dharok's crypt can be found located in the north-east of the Barrows area.

Dharok's weakness is Fire Spells, therefore it is recommended to use spells such as Fire Surge and Blood Barrage against him, with the latter being useful due to its ability to heal the player with each cast depending on damage dealt. If using magic, you can use the Impact ability, which will stun and bind him in place for 20 seconds, making it much easier to kill him, as he will not be able to reach you.  He can also be easily taken down using strong melee weapons such as Chaotic or Drygore weaponry, but this can be very risky due to his damage output. Having a high ranged defence, ranged weaponry is not recommended when fighting him or any of the melee-based brothers.

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Dharok draining prayer

If your prayer runs out it is highly recommended you leave his crypt as Dharok can easily take out a player within a few hits without food or an emergency teleport such as a teleport tablet.


Dharok does not drop his main rewards directly; instead, his equipment is added as possible rewards from the Barrows chest. See Barrows#Rewards for more information. However, Dharok can directly drop the following items.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Ghost hunter goggles (70)Ghost hunter goggles1Very rareNot sold
Ghost hunter body (70)Ghost hunter body1Very rareNot sold
Ghost hunter legsGhost hunter legs1Very rareNot sold
Ghost hunter backpackGhost hunter backpack1Very rareNot sold
EctoplasmatorEctoplasmator1Very rareNot sold
Deployable herb burnerDeployable herb burner1Very rareNot sold
CremationCremation1Very rareNot sold

Rise of the SixEdit

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Dharok returns with his 5 brothers in Barrows - Rise of the Six, greatly enhanced by Sliske's experiments into the Shadow Realm. As when fought normally, he retains his set effect, and also has various other abilities. Dharok can use a special attack where he shouts "Give me Everything!" and will emit an aura. During this time any damage dealt to him will instead add the total damage taken to his next attack, and damage inflicted on him will not affect his health until the animation stops.

2016 Easter eventEdit

During the 2016 Easter event, Dharok the Wretched and his brothers play a role as the workers (bobble-numbskulls) of Sliske's chocolate factory. They resembled their bobble-head versions.

Kindred SpiritsEdit

Kindred Spirits Dharok

Dharok mentally tortured in his arena.

During Kindred Spirits, Sliske subjects Dharok into a "game" where he is constantly forced to fight endless waves of Saradomin crusaders, much to his reluctance. The player, who is forced to play along to save Meg, Rancour and Linza, speaks with Dharok about the fights. The player can either decide to help or torture Dharok. If they torture him, they release a white knight champion which quickly kills him. If they help him, the player asks Dharok to "die" to the crusaders. Even though Dharok is somewhat concerned about their decision, he listens to them.

Afterwards, if tortured, Dharok is upset with the player's actions for devastatingly crushing him in battle. If helped, Dharok thanks the player, now knowing what it meant to feel the retribution of his victims on him.

He asks them to save Ahrim while he accompanies the rest of the group. When the player escapes Sliske's vault, Dharok gives his thanks again (along with his fellow brothers), as they feel that Sliske's control over them is weakening a bit. He and his brothers promise to help the player when the time is right, and for the time being, pretend to be fully controlled by Sliske before returning to his tomb.

Sliske's EndgameEdit

Dharok, along with his brothers, appeared in Sliske's Endgame, being the second intended wave in Sliske's attempts to destroy the World Guardian. However, the Barrows Brothers had managed to regain a modicum of control over their own actions, and chose to aid the World Guardian, attacking Sliske's wights and champions.



  • Dharok, along with all the other Barrows Brothers, received a graphical update on 4 January 2012 to make him look more like a player wearing his items rather than the old graphics style which displayed an unclear, purely pink coloured apparition. Along with this update, his combat level was increased from 115 to 196. Due to the Evolution of Combat, his combat level has been lowered to 150.
  • All of the Barrows brothers had their attack speed changed to 6 ticks (3.6 seconds) during the transition to the Evolution of Combat. Dharok was the only one among them whose speed increased; his pre-EoC attack speed was 7 game ticks (4.2 seconds).
  • There are two statues of Dharok, or a player wearing Dharok's set, in front of the Morytania Slayer Tower wielding a 2-handed sword. The prominent spike on the front of the helmet is missing on both statues.