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This article is about the Destroy action on items. For the ability, see Destroy.

An example of the message before destroying an item

Destroy is a right-click option on items that cannot be dropped or are non-tradeable. The destroy function is similar to the Drop option; it likewise removes the item from the inventory, but unlike drop, the item does not appear on the game screen and cannot be recovered. Because of this, a player attempting to destroy an item will always get a warning message beforehand. The message usually lists possible ways to recover the item as well as any addition fee or risk destroying poses.

Items can also be destroyed by a drag and drop action straight from the bank interface, which saves the player a withdrawal to the inventory and a right-click to destroy it. The warning sign will still appear to confirm the action.

Members-only items will always have a "Drop" option on free worlds; however, trying to drop the item will still trigger the dialogue box for destroying the item.


  • The destroy option was added to the game with the release of the quest Garden of Tranquillity.
  • Destroy-only items can sometimes be indirectly dropped via obtaining them with a full inventory.

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