For the music track, see Desert Heat.

The desert heat is the cause of a damaging effect that players may suffer from while in the Kharidian Desert south of Shantay Pass. The heat causes players to dehydrate and to lose health if they do not drink from a waterskin or rehydrate from an enchanted water tiara. Wearing desert clothing helps to keep players cool, and reduces the player's need to drink water as often. If a player runs out of water while they are in the desert, the desert heat will begin to damage the player until they either die, get water from a cactus using a knife with a waterskin in their inventory, use another water source, enter a populated area (the sand is a deeper colour in these areas), or leave the desert. Engaging in a conversation with an NPC or opening any interface (e.g. world map) will momentarily pause the effect. This effect can be dangerous for lower-level players when travelling in the desert, but for players with a moderate to high Constitution level, many of the following precautions can be ignored, especially if one is not planning on spending an extended period of time in the desert.


Completing the Crocodile Tears quest grants immunity against desert heat.


  • Waterskins - Waterskins allow a player to survive the desert's heat effect, and usually come in 4 doses of water. Each time a player drinks, a dose of water is used up.
  • Enchanted water tiara - Players who have completed Dealing with Scabaras may craft an enchanted water tiara which can be substituted as waterskins when worn.
  • Choc-ice - Players who go to Nardah can buy choc-ice from Rokuh. They also heal 300 Life points.
  • Tome of frost - The tome does not offer protection from the heat; rather, it greatly reduces the damage taken. The tome in conjunction with the Regen bracelet can render desert heat nearly negligible.
  • Desert amulet - Provides two doses of water for waterskins from cacti when worn.
  • Ice cream cone hat - When worn, protects from desert heat. However, this item is no longer obtainable. It used to be a Squeal of Fortune prize.


Three sets of clothes protect against desert heat, by extending the time between drinks of water by 30 seconds. These are:

Additional time (in seconds) provided per item
Item set Helm Top Legs Boots Gloves
Desert robes N/A +12 +12 +6 N/A
Desert outfit +0 +12 top, +6 coat +12 (both types) N/A N/A
Menaphite clothing +12 +0 +0 N/A N/A
Armour -6 -24 -18 -6 -6
  • Base time between drinks or damage is 90 seconds.
  • Only items with combat stats are considered armour and thus deduct the timer.


  • There once was a glitch where both free-to-play and members who stepped near the gates of Shantay Pass would take damage from desert heat. This glitch has been fixed.
  • Before the quest Desert Treasure was released, players who walked in or out of the Desert area would receive a message, "Desert effect is now on", or "Desert effect is now off", respectively.