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Desert Tasks
Desert task set icon
Release date 21 January 2013 (Update)
Area(s) Kharidian Desert
Members only? Yes
Reward Desert amulet
Lamp XP rewards 2,000
Taskmasters Grand Vizier Hassan, Zahur, Ali the Mayor, Clay golem
Total level: 1662
Attack-icon 78 Constitution-icon ---- Mining-icon 81
Strength-icon 78 Agility-icon 80 Smithing-icon 70
Defence-icon 65 Herblore-icon 85 Fishing-icon 70
Ranged-icon 60 Thieving-icon 91 Cooking-icon 70
Prayer-icon 45 Crafting-icon 89 Firemaking-icon 51
Magic-icon 80 Fletching-icon 52 Woodcutting-icon 58
Runecrafting-icon 50 Slayer-icon 77 Farming-icon 65
Construction-icon 70 Hunter-icon 67 Summoning-icon 55
Dungeoneering-icon 75 Divination-icon ----
Attack style icon fixed 110
Quest icon fixed 275 Music icon fixed ----

The Desert Tasks are the tasks relating to Kharidian Desert and its surrounding area, added on 21 January 2013. To complete all of the tasks, players will need the stats shown to the right. These members tasks, like all other members' task sets, have four difficulties ranging from easy to elite. Please note you must do the easy tasks first in order to claim rewards from medium, hard or elite.

The rewards include a Desert amulet, hefty experience rewards, new daily rewards and rerolls for the Dominion Tower. The amulet also provides some useful benefits for Mining, Crafting and Herblore and unlimited teleports to Nardah.

Easy tasksEdit

Items Required
Recommended Items
Skills Needed
Quests required
Task # Description Quest(s) needed Skill(s)
Assassin's Feed 1 Eagle-dive into a hay cart after completing Diamond in the Rough. Diamond in the Rough None Start by taking the stairs to the first floor of the Craft Store or go to the roof of Al Kharid Palace. You need to make your way to the roof of the Al Kharid bank.
Touring Gear 2 Equip a full set of desert clothing while standing in the desert. None None You can buy the set from Shantay at Shantay Pass. Black desert clothing doesn't work.
Memento Mori 3 View the Duel Arena scoreboard. None None
Fool's Gold 4 Catch a golden warbler. None 5 Hunter-icon These are found just east of the Dominion Tower, to the west of Uzer. You will need a bird snare to catch these. (Protean traps do NOT work)
Don't You Dare Close Your Eyes 5 Use any of the magic carpets in the desert. None None
Slash Fund 6 Get water from a cactus in the desert. None None You will need an empty waterskin.
Kookookachat 7 Talk to Khoochak about a quest. Stolen Hearts None The parrot in the throne room of Al Kharid castle.
Fire at Will 8 Craft a fire rune at the fire altar. None 14 Runecrafting-icon Using a wicked hood to both enter the altar and take essence from is a fast method.
Seems Legit 9 Obtain five artefacts from Pyramid Plunder and sell them to Simon in one go. Started Icthlarin's Little Helper or Pharaoh's sceptre (can be used to avoid Quest requirement) 21 Thieving-icon Save time by opening the sarcophagus in the level 61 room (#5) and final room (level 91) for both a hard and elite task.
Extra Cheese 10 Exchange pizazz points at the Mage Training Arena. None 7 Magic-icon A Cosmic rune is the cheapest to purchase.
I Like to Watch 11 Attempt to spectate on a match at the Dominion Tower. None None Climb the stairs. Choose 'Spectator'.
Wiggle Room 12 Perform the troubadour dance emote near the dancers outside the Citharede Abbey. One Piercing Note None


  1. Use a ring of duelling to reach the Duel Arena. View the scoreboard.
  2. Go out of the Duel Arena main gate and slightly north. Enter the fire altar and craft some fire runes.
  3. Go north to the Mage Training Arena. Earn some pizazz points if necessary and spend them.
  4. Ascend to the roof of the crafting shop, shimmy across the rope to the bank's roof to the west, then jump (or Go east and north to the start point of the roof course (crafting shop) and follow it round to the hay cart).
  5. Go to emir's palace, speak to Khoochak in the palace.
  6. Run south, or use the lodestone, and go through the east gate, go past the strykewyrms and do the troubadour dance near the Citharede Abbey musicians.
  7. Go south to the Shantay Pass. Purchase and equip some desert clothing. Also purchase an empty water skin.
  8. Take the carpet to Uzer.
  9. Run west and use a bird snare to catch a golden warbler.
  10. Fill the waterskin from a cactus.
  11. Run west to the Dominion Tower and attempt to spectate a match inside.
  12. Go to Pollnivneach. Take the south carpet to Sophanem. Get five artefacts from Pyramid Plunder, exit the city and take them to Simon Templeton, near the Agility Pyramid to the east (You can teleport to Simon Templeton by using a Pharaoh's Sceptre and picking the second option as well).
Audio options icon
Easy task complete!
Audio options icon
Easy task set complete!


Speak to Hassan in Al Kharid Palace to receive the Desert amulet 1 and an antique lamp, giving 2,000 experience in any skill over level 29.

Medium tasksEdit

Items Required
Skills Needed
Quests required
Task # Description Quest(s) needed Skill(s)
Faster than a Speeding Bullet 1 Ride an eagle to the desert (use a rope on Desert Eagle). Eagles' Peak None Bring rope unless you have already built the rope rack. To get to the Eagles Eyrie fast, use the Book of Char teleport or any Eagle Transport.
So Su Me 2 Solve an easy runedoku casket. The Feud None

Speak to Ali Morrisane (ask to have a look at his selection of runes, select small casket and select 'Examine lock'. If you do not see an examine option speak to Aubury in the Varrock Rune Shop and select the option about Ali Morrisane, then Siamun).

A Bridge Not Far 3 Cross the River Lum using a crossbow. None 8 Agility-icon
19 Strength-icon
37 Ranged-icon
If you have built a hidey-hole you will not need a mith grapple or crossbow.
Heathen Idle 4 Pray at the Elidinis statuette in Nardah. Spirits of the Elid None North of the fountain.
Away with the Kalphites 5 Travel to the fairy ring near the Kalphite Lair. Started Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen None Fairy ring code B•I•Q
All Square 6 Sell a pyramid top to Simon. None 30 Agility-icon You can get a pyramid top on top of the pyramid by completing the agility course.
Goat Harralander? 7 Create a vial of combat potion from scratch in Nardah after killing a goat from the desert. Spirits of the Elid 36 Herblore-icon
33 Crafting-icon
After killing a Desert Goat, the following MUST be done in Nardah to count: crushing the goat horn, creating the vial from molten glass, filling the vial with water (do not use Humidify spell!), adding the harralander to the vial of water, adding the crushed goat's horn to the harralander potion (unf). Doing any of this outside of Nardah will not count.

NOTE: Crushing the goat's horn standing at the goats doesn't work. Walk inside Nardah before doing so.

Steps may be done in any order. i.e. if you forgot to make the vial, but made the potion anyway, just bring molten glass and make a vial. The task will then be complete.

Taken for Granite 8 Mine granite at the quarry south of the Bandit Camp. None 45 Mining-icon Take the best pickaxe you have for fastest completion.
Unbeetleable 9 Create a spirit kalphite pouch at the obelisk south west of Pollnivneach (past the river), west of Nardah (past the mine, down the desert ladder). None 25 Summoning-icon You will need an empty Pouch, 51 spirit shards, a blue charm and a potato cactus.
An Teak 10 Attempt to cut a log from the teak tree near the Ruins of Uzer. None 35 Woodcutting-icon South-east of Uzer near the shore.
Overcut 11 Boost your stats at Amascut's altar. Missing My Mummy 45 Prayer-icon Use fairy ring code D-L-Q and run east. The statue is inside the pyramid, in the room with the Pharaoh Queen.


  1. Use the lodestone to go to Eagle's Peak. Bring a rope (or grab one from the "Rope rack" next to the eagles if you previously repaired). Take the desert eagle to the desert using a rope on it.
  2. Home teleport to Al Kharid. Run north to Ali Morissane and do an easy runedoku (open a small casket and choose to "examine" it).
  3. Home teleport to Lumbridge. Run south through the graveyard and cross the river using the crossbow shortcut.
  4. Home teleport to the Bandit Camp and run southwest to the quarry. Mine some granite.
  5. Home teleport to Yanille and run north to the fairy ring. Go to B-I-Q. If you didn't bring a potato cactus, enter the kalphite lair and run round to get one for later. Beware of Kalphite Soldier, bring antipoison.
  6. Go out of the lair and take the fairy ring to D-L-Q. Go East through the Uzer Mastaba and pray at Amascut's altar.
  7. Exit the mastaba and go N.E. to the teak trees on the shoreline of the Ruins of Uzer and attempt to cut a log.
  8. Run south to Nardah. Pray at the Elidinis Statuette.
  9. Get a goat horn (goats are just West of Nardah bank). Do not crush it yet. Go to the fountain and do all the steps there.
  10. Run west from Nardah to the summoning obelisk (accessed from climbing down the ladder nearby the river). Make the kalphite pouch.
  11. Run southeast to the Agility Pyramid and traverse its edges to get the gold top (make sure to grab it before you enter the doorway), and sell it to Simon.


Audio options icon
Medium task complete!
Audio options icon
Medium task set complete!

Speak to Zahur in the potion shop in Nardah for a Desert amulet 2 and an Experience lamp, giving 8,000 experience in any skill over level 43.

  • When worn:
    • Reduced failure rate at the Agility Pyramid
  • Operate
    • Unlimited teleports to Nardah
    • Convert 50 Soda ash to Molten glass per day (while in the desert)
  • At all times:
    • A second Teak tree near Uzer
    • Goats have a chance to drop noted Desert goat horns
    • 5% cheaper items at the pizazz store
    • 20 noted potato cactus from the Weird Old Man once a day (worth 33,740)

Hard tasksEdit

Items Required
Skills Needed
  • 70 Magic-icon
  • 50 Runecrafting-icon
  • 52 Fletching-icon
  • 58 Cooking-icon
  • 65 Slayer-icon
  • 55 Farming-icon
  • 61 Thieving-icon
  • 75 Dungeoneering-icon
  • 110 Multicombat
Quests required
Task # Description Quest(s) needed Skill(s)
Skinful 1 Use Humidify to fill a Waterskin while standing in the desert. Dream Mentor 68 Magic-icon Using the Lunar Isle lodestone is quick method to change to Lunar spells if you need to do that.
Water on the Brain 2 Equip a charged Enchanted water tiara while in the desert. Dealing with Scabaras 50 Runecrafting-icon Use water runes (3 per charge) on a water tiara to make the Enchanted water tiara.
More Fletcher than Sumona 3 Fletch some Broad bolts or arrows in Sumona's house. Smoking kills 52 Fletching-icon You will need to unlock the ability to do so for 300 Slayer points. You can buy the arrowheads or unfinished bolts from Sumona.
Ug Thankee Kindly 4 Make an Ugthanki kebab from raw ingredients in Nardah. Spirits of the Elid 58 Cooking-icon All of the items can be purchased on the Grand Exchange. Purchase an onion, a tomato, an empty bowl, raw Ugthanki meat, pot of flour, and a bucket of water.
  • Create the kebab mix in Nardah by using first the onion then tomato on the bowl. Be sure to "use" them on it so you don't eat it.
  • Use the pot of flour and the bucket on each other to create the pitta dough.
  • Cook both the Ugthanki meat and the pitta bread in the clay oven.
  • Use the Ugthanki meat on the onion & tomatoes.
  • Use the finished kebab mix on the pitta bread.

Note: Using a pot of flour on a water source doesn't work. The dough must be made with a bucket, jug, or bowl of water from the Nardah fountain.

Nipped in the Bug 5 Use a Dreadnip on the Kalphite Queen. None 110 Multicombat You need 450 kills in the Dominion Tower and have a dreadnip to release. This only works on the regular Kalphite Queen, not the Exiled Kalphite Queen.
Drafty in Here 6 Kill a Dust devil in the Smoke Dungeon Smoking kills 65 Slayer-icon You must have a Face mask, a Slayer helmet, or a Full slayer helmet equipped. It is recommended to use a crushing weapon to cover their weakness.
Enaqua 7 Fill a Waterskin from the fountain of Enakhra's Temple. Enakhra's Lament None Must have started Enakhra's Lament.
Say It, Don't Spray It 8 Hear one of Al the Camel's poems using a fully featured cramulet. Enakhra's Lament, Do No Evil None 2nd option - say something unpleasant, then "this is just to say". If not working, combine M'speak amulet, Ghostspeak amulet, Catspeak amulet (or Catspeak amulet (e)) and Camulet.
1001 Kharidian Spikes 9 Harvest spines from a cactus you grew yourself. None 55 Farming-icon You can have the nearby farmer, Ayesha, protect it from disease for six cadava berries.
Ice-Cold Killer 10 Freeze an enemy in the desert using Ice Burst. Desert Treasure 70 Magic-icon Task is completed even if spell deals no damage. Spellbook swap can be used if you have the required level and do not wish to change from the Lunar Spellbook.
Ludikeris 11 Kill a scarab mage, Locust rider or Kalphite with the Keris dagger. Contact! None This does not work on Scarabites in Ullek swamp. It does work in the dungeon under the bank in Sophanem.
Security through Obscurity 12 Use the Deposit chest near the Bedabin Camp Deadliest Catch None Northwest of the camp, near the shore.
Wake-Up Call 13 Open the sarcophagus in the level 61 room (#5) of Pyramid Plunder None 61 Thieving-icon Combining this with the easy task to collect 5 artefacts from urns and opening the sarcophagus in room 8 for an elite task is a good idea.
Open Sesame 14 Enter the Al-kharid resource dungeon. None 75 Dungeoneering-icon Cannot be boosted.


  1. Activate Lunar spells, get several water runes, death runes, a fire rune and an astral rune, and buy 2 empty waterskins and some feathers. A Steam battlestaff would help greatly!
  2. Buy an onion, tomato, empty bowl, pot of flour, and bucket of water.
  3. Home teleport to Al-Kharid.
  4. Talk to Al the Camel by the bank with a full-featured Cramulet on.
  5. Harvest spines from your cactus, and enter the Al-kharid resource dungeon.
  6. Home teleport to the Bandit Camp.
  7. Equip a charged enchanted water tiara.
  8. Use a waterskin on the fountain in Enakhra's Temple, exit, and cast Humidify on the other waterskin.
  9. Get Ancient Magicks and head to Smoke Dungeon while killing a Ugthanki camel with Ice Burst on the way.
  10. Kill a Dust devil inside Smoke Dungeon. Don't forget to wear a face mask or slayer helm!
  11. Go to Sumona's house in Pollnivneach, and fletch some broad bolts or broad arrows, which can be bought unfinished from her.
  12. Take a Magic carpet ride or walk to Nardah, and make the ugthanki kebab there.
  13. Play Pyramid Plunder and open the sarcophagus in the level 61 room (#5).
  14. Go to the bank by Pyramid Plunder, grab your keris and go into the dungeon under and kill a scarab mage, Locust rider or kalphite with the keris dagger.
  15. Gear up with some dreadnips for the Kalphite Queen, teleport to the Bandit Camp lodestone and deposit something in the Bedabin Camp deposit box.
  16. Deploy a dreadnip on the Kalphite Queen and kill a kalphite on the way.


Audio options icon
Hard task complete!
Audio options icon
Hard task set complete!

Speak to Ali the Mayor in Pollnivneach for a Desert amulet 3 and an Experience lamp giving 20,000 experience in the skill of your choice.

  • When worn:
    • Reduced failure rate at the Agility Pyramid
    • Keris has a greater chance of scoring a vicious blow. Its accuracy bonus against kalphites and scarabites is also further improved.
  • Operate
    • Unlimited teleports to Nardah
    • Convert 100 Soda ash to Molten glass per day (while in the desert)
  • At all times:
    • The cactus patch in Al Kharid will be protected from disease and always provide double spines
    • Goats have a chance to drop noted Desert goat horns
    • Double charges on the Pharaoh's sceptre and the Sceptre of the gods
    • Reduced chance of Mummies and Scarabs spawning in Pyramid Plunder
    • 10% cheaper items at the pizazz store
    • 30 noted potato cactus from the Weird Old man a day (worth 50,610)

Elite tasksEdit

Items Required
Skills Needed
  • 77 Slayer-icon
  • 89 Crafting-icon
  • 91 Thieving-icon Cannot be boosted
  • 80 Agility-icon
  • 81 Mining-icon
  • 85 Herblore-icon
Quests required
Task # Description Quest(s) needed Skill(s)
Staff on Stryke 1 Kill a Desert strykewyrm wearing a fully charged slayer helmet and wielding an ancient staff. Smoking Kills, Desert treasure 77 Slayer-icon
55 Crafting-icon
The slayer helmet must be charged with 50 combat scrolls of any kind (howl scrolls or bacon blast scrolls being easiest to obtain). The full slayer helmet will also work. It may be recoloured. The staff cannot be borrowed. Anything can be used to kill the wyrm, as long as the staff and helm are equipped. When all requirements are met, having the strykewyrms as a slayer task isn't required to kill one.

Don't use a familiar, it will draw the Strykewyrm's attention and cause it to stop fighting, "It's not after you..."

Room Service 2 Open the sarcophagus in the final room of Pyramid Plunder. None 91 Thieving-icon
You must have the required level - boosts cannot be utilised.
Sun Shade 3 Plant the Dominion marker in the desert, with all its achievements complete, including killing Sunfreet. See the Dominion Tower article. None It really doesn't matter where you plant it, as long as it is outside. (Can be put in the waiting room of Dominion Tower and will count as task completed also, does not have to be outside in the desert.)
A, B, Cithara 4 Play the Holy Cithara while standing in the Citharede Abbey. One Piercing Note, Restless Ghost, Desert Treasure None To complete the task, make sure your Cithara isn't sheathed. Otherwise, it cannot be played.

If you need to reclaim your Holy Cithara, this can only be done with the following conditions:

  • While wearing a ring of visibility, a ghostspeak amulet and 6 saradomin-associated items.
  • Have 100% run energy, full prayer points (no more, no less), be on the standard/Lunar spellbook, and be on normal prayers (not curses).
  • Have nothing else in your inventory, otherwise you will not be able to search the reliquary.

NOTE: Playing the Holy Cithara in the Abbey's basement will NOT count as being in the Abbey to complete the task. It has to be done above the basement.

Ankle Support 5 Wear the ankh and the Scabaras mask while in the desert. Diamond in the Rough, Do No Evil 80 Agility-icon
80 Mining-icon
Must be equipped within the desert. Entering the desert with the items equipped will not complete the task.
I'm Super 6 In Nardah, make a Super antifire flask - making both the flask and the potion from scratch. As a First Resort... 89 Crafting-icon
85 Herblore-icon
81 Mining-icon
While in Nardah, use the phoenix feathers on the antifire potions to make two 3-dose Super antifire potions. Next, blow the robust glass into a potion flask and use the potion flask on one of the super antifire potions to make a full dose Super antifire flask.


Audio options icon
Elite task complete!
Audio options icon
All elite tasks complete!

Talk to the Clay golem, in the remains of the ruined city of Uzer, to receive Desert amulet 4, 2 lamps granting 30,000 experience each in a skill of choice that is at least level 77, and 2 lamps granting 50,000 experience each in a skill of choice that is at least level 93, for a total of 160,000 experience. (Boosts cannot be used to reach the level requirement)

  • When worn:
    • Convert 150 Soda ash to Molten glass per day (while in the desert)
    • Opportunity to re-roll your Dominion Tower chest rewards
    • 20% Chance to create 4-dose Super antifire potions instead of 3-dose while in the desert
  • At all times:
    • Two feathers at once from pickpocketing the Desert Phoenix
    • The Ancient staff can be enchanted upon request by the Clay golem. This increases the staff's accuracy to that of a level 75 weapon (from 850 to 1694), gives it a +2 prayer bonus, and adds a cosmetic effect
    • A new red sandstone rock on the Sophanem coast, which holds up to 25 red sandstone per day
    • Aligra Nite in the Desert Quarry will buy granite from you (price depends on rock size) for 20% of the Grand Exchange value, that can be counter to mine/drop ores.
    • 40 noted potato cactus from the Weird Old Man (worth 67,480)



  • The reward pendants colours align with the basic 4 gems:
    • Easy = blue (sapphire)
    • Medium = green (emerald)
    • Hard = red (ruby)
    • Elite = white (diamond)
  • The jingles are renditions of music tracks relating to the task area, as usual. The easy jingle is a rendition of Violinsanity, hard of Breaking In and elite of Final Showdown.
  • If you plant and grow a Cactus plant and harvest it before the hard tasks are complete, you will get three spines from it as usual, but if the hard tasks are completed while the cactus is fully grown then it will start yielding double spines spontaneously, even after Ali says the double yield is due to it being protected by a local farmer during growth.

Cultural referencesEdit

  • Easy tasks:
    • "Assassin's Feed" is a pun on the video game "Assassin's Creed." The task involves doing a "Leap of Faith", which is also done in the game.
    • "Don't You Dare Close Your Eyes" refers to the lyrics from "A Whole New World", featured in Disney's animated film Aladdin.
    • "Kookookachat" is a reference to The Beatles song "I am the Walrus". Kookookachat is a play on words of the lyric "Goo, Goo, G'joob", which is often misheard as being pronounced Koo, Koo, Ka'choo.
    • "Memento Mori" is that Latin phrase which means "remember that you will die", referring to the phrase repeated in the ear of a triumphing general entering Rome to remind him that he was mortal.
  • Medium tasks:
    • "Away with the Kalphites" is a play on the phrase "away with the fairies".
    • "Faster Than A Speeding Bullet" is a reference to Superman.
    • "Heathen Idle" is a play on the word "Idol", a religious statue where in some religions people pray at.
    • "A Bridge Not Far" is a reference to the film A Bridge Too Far.
    • "An Teak" is a play on the word "antique".
    • "Taken for Granite" is a play on the phrase "taken for granted".
    • "Unbeetleable" is a play on the word "unbeatable".
    • "So Su Me" is a play on the phrase "so sue me".
  • Hard tasks:
    • "Nipped in the bug" is a play on the saying "to nip something in the bud", meaning to stop something before it gets bigger.
    • "1001 Kharidian Spikes" is a pun on the famous book "Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights."
    • "Ludikeris" is a pun on the word "Ludicrous".
    • "Enaqua" is a portmanteau of Enakhra, and Aqua, meaning water.
    • "Open Sesame" is a reference to the tale of Ali Baba and the 40 bandits, one of the tales from 1001 Arabian Nights.

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