Miniquest DetailsEdit

Start pointQuest map icon Enter the lowest level of the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon (use walkthrough to get there)
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyUnknown edit
Requirements Completed Smoking Kills. 70 Slayer to defeat hardest boss; lower for others. 43 Prayer (highly recommended), 50 Magic (highly recommended)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.


  • Antipoison
Enemies to defeat Monstrous cave crawler (level 96), Basilisk boss (level 96), Mightiest turoth (level 96), Kurask overlord (level 96)


Warning: The dungeon is full of smoke and players must wear a smoke protection item (like a Facemask, Masked earmuffs or Slayer helmet) or they will periodically suffer damage from the smoke. A Full slayer helmet is most recommended, as it provides protection from the smoke and from the effects of some slayer monsters in the dungeon.

Getting thereEdit

  • Take the entry from the well in Pollnivneach.
  • Take the north corridor leading to the Mighty banshees.
  • Go to either the east or west of the Mighty banshee area which leads to rooms guarded off by a mystic barrier.
  • Pass the barrier and go down the stairs to enter the dungeon.

Boss fightsEdit

There are four rooms, guarded by shields. The monsters can be attacked in any order. Each boss kill earns 1,000 Slayer experience. See the bosses section below for description of each monster. Each time you kill a boss, you need to climb back up the stairs and enter another portal. It is recommended to turn on your protection prayers and drink your potions before starting the fight.

Recommended order and methodEdit

See below for list of bosses.

1. Mightiest turoth (SW - bottom left barrier): Use Slayer dart and Protect from Melee prayer. If you stand far away from the Mightiest turoth, it will use Ranged-based attacks on you. Ignore the minions.
2. Kurask overlord (NW - top left barrier): Use same strategy as above. If you do choose to use melee, do not forget to bring a leaf-bladed spear or sword.
3. Basilisk boss (SE - bottom right barrier): Use melee and wield the Mirror shield. Take a dose of the Super strength potion and Super attack potion or a Combat potion. Use Protect from Magic prayer. Also watch your stats as they will be drained with each attack. Bring a Restore potion.
4. Monstrous cave crawler (NE - top right barrier): Use melee and Protect from Ranged prayer. It will poison badly but anti-poison potions will be ineffective against it, since your poison immunity will be lessened with each attack (approx 2-3 attacks will negate a super anti-poison potion). Eat food when necessary. An Anti-Poison Totem will NOT work against this poison, however the Poison purge aura does work.


Boss Combat level Slayer level required Strategy
Monstrous cave crawler Monstrous cave crawler 96 10 Use Protect from Range. Normal melee combat is good. It will poison badly but anti-poison potions will be ineffective against it, since your poison immunity will be lessened with each attack (approx 2-3 attacks will negate a super anti-poison potion). A Poison purge aura is very effective here.
Basilisk boss Basilisk boss 96 40 Protect from Magic and melee works. You will need a restore potion or super restore potion as it reduces your stats as you fight it. Remember to bring your Mirror shield.
Mightiest turoth Mightiest turoth 96 55 Protect from Melee and Slayer Dart works. There are safe spots, beware of the swarms.
Kurask overlord Kurask overlord 96 70 Use Protect from Melee and attack with Slayer Dart. There are safe spots, but beware of the minions!


  • 4,000 Slayer experience (1,000 experience after every boss kill, with four boss monsters to kill)
  • If you kill a boss during their respective assignment, it counts as a kill before the death animation and you receive more experience than the standard version. (Commonly believed to be the contrary)
  • Ability to enter four rooms, each room filled a certain creature:

Required for completingEdit

Having killed all four bosses is a requirement for the following:


The only required equipment is the Full slayer helmet / Slayer helmet / Masked earmuffs / Facemask, but it helps to have these:



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