A demonic throne can be built in the throne hotspot of the throne room in a player-owned house at level 99 Construction (it can be built by players with a Construction level of 91 or higher if a crystal saw and spicy stew are used). A throne can be sat upon by the house owner or any guest within the house. Demonic thrones are often considered a status symbol, being (usually) the single most expensive item placeable in the house: costing 24,472,625 coins, assuming the Magic stones are bought from the Grand Exchange or 24,375,000 coins if the Magic stones are bought from the Keldagrim stonemason.

Cost per experienceEdit

Making demonic thrones costs 978.91 coins per experience.


  • It is possible to obtain over 12 million experience per hour by making demonic thrones using a demon butler. At this rate it takes 15 hours to reach 200 million experience, and would cost about 195,781,000,000.
  • The Demonic throne has the highest level requirement of any Construction item and cannot be built with assistance from another player. This requirement, along with the relatively high cost of the Magic stones required to build it, have lead to the adoption of the Demonic throne as the ultimate symbol of achievement within the Construction skill. It is generally considered akin to the Construction skillcape despite the throne's much lower level requirement (with the use of boosts).