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Demon slayer armour equipped

A male player wearing demon slayer equipment.

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Concept art.

Demon slayer equipment are items that may be obtained as a reward from a Demon Flash Mob and as a drop from Kal'gerion demons. It requires level 60 ranged and 60 defence to wear. The armour is classified as power armour.

Jagex has stated that with the demon slayer equipment you will "get a boost to damage dealt and experience gained while fighting demons for each piece of the gear you equip. A full set of the gear makes the crossbows the same as their dragon equivalents when fighting demons".[1]

Wearing one piece of the demon slayer equipment while killing demons on a slayer assignment will give a 1% increase to experience gained during the task in the chosen combat style. Equipping the full set will give an 8% total increase to experience gained while on the task.

Demon slayer gear does seem to work with abyssal demons.

They appear in the Adventurer's Log only if dropped by a Kal'gerion demon.


Demon slayer equipment Grand Exchange cost
Demon slayer circletDemon slayer circletCoins 1000 83,006 [view]
Demon slayer torsoDemon slayer torsoCoins 1000 81,348 [view]
Demon slayer skirtDemon slayer skirtCoins 1000 83,149 [view]
Demon slayer glovesDemon slayer glovesCoins 1000 61,830 [view]
Demon slayer bootsDemon slayer bootsCoins 1000 328,628 [view]
Demon slayer crossbowDemon slayer crossbowCoins 1000 389,031 [view]
Off-hand demon slayer crossbowOff-hand demon slayer crossbowCoins 1000 1,606,773 [view]
Total priceCoins 1000 2,633,765
[view] [talk]


Mainhand Info Off-hand Info Attributes Strength bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence-icon Constitution-icon Prayer-icon Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Demon slayer circletCirclet N/A110N/A5019600000
Demon slayer torsoTorso N/A200N/A10022600000
Demon slayer skirtSkirt N/A140N/A7021600000
Demon slayer glovesGloves N/A50N/A204900000
Demon slayer bootsBoots N/A50N/A204900000
Demon slayer crossbowCrossbow Bolts01040N/A00000000
Off-hand demon slayer crossbowOff-hand crossbow N/A00Bolts01040000000
Totals Bolts551040Bolts26104073600000


  1. ^ Jagex. "Demon Flash Mobs". 28 January 2013. RuneScape News.

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