The Demon pacts are binding contracts made with demons, most notably by Zaros and Zamorak. They are known to have tricked demons into these contracts, binding them to the god's service, possibly against their will.[1] Ux, a demon that joined The Godless faction is trying to break these pacts so that his people (his fellow demons) can be free from them.[2]


  1. ^ The Book of the Godless, RuneScape. "You have to admire using the demons' love of contracts against them."
  2. ^ The Book of the Godless, RuneScape. "You said I should travel with others, so I'm with a demon called Ux. Don't worry, he's not your traditional horns-and-brimstone type. He's broken from the Demon Pact and plans to take arms against Zaros and Zamorak."

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