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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor, second floor, etc.
Demon Slayer was a quest that underwent a rework. It was replaced by Demon Slayer. This article is kept for historical purposes.
Demon Slayer (#2)
Demon Slayer old
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members only? No
Voice acted? No
Official difficulty Novice
Official length Medium
Quest series None
Developer(s) Paul Gower
Age Fifth Age
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Demon Slayer was one of the first quests released in RuneScape.

Official descriptionEdit

A mighty demon is being summoned to destroy the city of Varrock. You are the one destined to stop him (or at least try).

Development teamEdit


Walkthrough Edit

Start point Quest map icon Talk to Gypsy Aris located in a tent near the Varrock centre.
Member requirement F2P icon Free to play
Official difficulty Novice Novice
Length Medium (35 mins)
Requirements Capable of defeating a level 60 demon, who is aided by a few dark wizards.
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

Recommended items

Enemies to defeat
  • Delrith (level 60, cannot be attacked with magic or ranged)
  • 3 dark wizards (present during the fight but not required to defeat)


Gypsy Aris chathead

Players may start the quest by talking to Gypsy Aris and handing her a coin to predict your future. She looks into her crystal ball and says, grimly, that she foresees you fighting Delrith, a demon that was originally summoned and slain 150 years ago during the Fifth Age by Wally, a hero of legend.

Gypsy Aris location

The Gypsy will reveal that a cult of dark wizards is currently attempting to summon Delrith again, and must be stopped. She directs you to Sir Prysin, the great-grandson of Wally, for more assistance with defeating Delrith.

Before leaving, ask the Gypsy how Wally defeated Delrith, and you will be shown a cutscene of Wally killing the demon with a special sword, Silverlight and chanting an incantation to hold him back in its dimension.

Be sure to take note of the incantation because it is needed later on in the quest and it varies among players. If you forget the incantation, you may simply talk to the gypsy again and she will remind you of it.

The KeyholdersEdit

Sir Prysin location

Sir Prysin's location

Head north to the palace and talk to Sir Prysin, located in the south-western room on the ground floor. Tell him that the Gypsy sent you for information regarding the sword, Silverlight.

Prysin tells you that the King ordered him to lock up the sword, away from prying eyes, due to its immense power. Thus he has placed the sword in the nearby case, whose 3 keys are given to as many people, for safekeeping.

He has given two of the three keys to Captain Rovin and Wizard Traiborn, and has somehow managed to misplace his own. You now need to retrieve all of them to obtain Silverlight.

Captain RovinEdit

One of the keys may be obtained by speaking to Captain Rovin, who is found on the 2nd floor[help] of the palace. From the room Sir Prysin is in, walk north until you reach the north-west staircase, climbing up two stories to reach Captain Rovin.

Tell him that you need the key in order to recover Silverlight, as a demon is going to invade the city, and that Sir Prysin mentioned that he would give the key to you. After some arguing, he will reluctantly give you the key, berating Sir Prysin on his clumsiness.

Varrock SewersEdit

The second key is stuck in a drain behind the kitchen in the north-east part of the castle. To retrieve the key, you will need to wash the key into the sewers and then collect it from there.


The second key is in the underground below Varrock

Use a bucket or a jug on any water source and use it on the drain. If you did not bring a bucket with you, there is a bucket spawn upstairs from the kitchen. After dislodging the key from the drain, head outside of the castle to the Varrock Sewers.

The entrance to the sewers is located south-east of the castle, on the outer side of the wall which has ivy growing on it and a tree farming patch nearby. Enter the sewers through the manhole and head north, through the left corridor, until your path is blocked off by a stream.

The key will not appear on the minimap, but it can be found in the south-west corner beside the skeletons, underneath a pile of mud.


Traiborn's magical cupboard

Traiborn performing the ritual to summon his cupboard

Gather 25 sets of regular, un-noted bones. You can buy them on the Grand Exchange or kill almost any monster to obtain them. Head to the Wizards' Tower, located south of Draynor Village.

On the 1st floor[help] of the tower, talk to Wizard Traiborn about the key, and he will ask for 25 bones to perform a spell which retrieves it from its storage place. Give them to him and after performing the ritual, he will hand you the third key.

Banishing DelrithEdit

Return to Varrock Castle and give the three keys to Sir Prysin. He will give you the Silverlight.

  • Be sure to remember the correct incantation before you head off to fight Delrith. You can always head back to The Gypsy and ask for the correct incantation.
  • Also note that Delrith is invulnerable to ranged and magic attacks, so only bring melee weapons for the fight.
Demon Slayer Dark wizards

Denath and the dark wizards summoning Delrith.

Now that you have Silverlight and the incantation, it's time to fight Delrith. Head to the bank and withdraw any food, potions and armour you might wish to bring for the battle. Head to the stone circle, immediately south-east of Varrock's lodestone, where the Dark Wizards are located – make sure you are wielding Silverlight.

Denath marvels

Delrith is summoned.

A short cutscene will play in which three dark wizards and Denath will summon Delrith, a tall, red-and-black striped demon. The wizards notice you, and Denath secretly leaves the circle.

As soon as the cutscene ends, one of the dark wizards will attack you, regardless of your combat level. Kill the wizard and move onto Delrith as quickly as possible.

Tip: If you are low on LP, exit the fight, enter the first house on the right in south Varrock, and go through the door inside; there is a patch of cabbages. If you do die, you can go back to Sir Prysin and he will hand Silverlight over, "just this once", for free.

Once you defeat Delrith, he will collapse onto the ground. Click to "Banish" him, and an incantation prompt will appear. Choose the incantation that the gypsy gave you, and the demon will be banished from this dimension. If you choose the wrong incantation, Delrith will be revived and the fight will resume until you defeat him again.

After chanting the correct incantation, Delrith will be banished and the player will do a victory cheer by raising Silverlight.

Congratulations, Quest complete!

Demon Slayer complete

Reward Edit

Demon Slayer Reward
Audio options icon
Wally defeats Delrith
The music that plays during the first cutscene
Audio options icon
Delrith returns!
The music that plays during the second cutscene
  • 3 Quest Points.
  • The sword Silverlight. If you lose Silverlight, you can buy a new one from Sir Prysin for 500 coins. You can also sell it to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village for 80 coins. The sword, bearing powerful magical properties, can be kept by the player forever after the quest and used as many times as desired, especially strong against demon-type characters.
  • If you are a member, you can talk to Historian Minas at the Varrock Museum to receive 5 Kudos.

Required for completingEdit

Completion of Demon Slayer is required for the following:

Cultural referencesEdit

  • The part where the player must say a combination of words to banish the demon is a reference to the movie, Army of Darkness, where Ash must say specific words to claim the book.
  • When the player receives Silverlight from Sir Prysin, they do a spin and hold Silverlight upwards, doing the same victory pose as Wally when he defeated Delrith. The pose could also be a reference to the later Legend of Zelda games where Link acquires a main item during his quest and performs the same pose.

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