This article is about the pirate. For the cat, see Del-Monty.
Dell Monti
Release date 2 September 2009 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Brimhaven
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Avast ye, scurvy landlubbers. Give us yer pineapples!
Dell Monti location
Dell Monti chathead

Dell Monti is a pirate located in Brimhaven, around the POH portal. He will give 40 free noted pineapples (7,880) to those who have completed the easy Karamja Tasks once per day. He will also give 40 free noted apples (26,560) to those who have completed the elite Karamja Tasks.


  • Dell's name is a play on the American food production company Del Monte, who produce tinned fruit, especially pineapples.
  • When asked about his parrot, Dell will say that it kept telling him to "Pick up a penguin." This is a reference to the Penguin chocolate bar advertising campaign.
  • Around the time of release, the price of pineapples dropped sharply from 450 coins each to less than 100 coins due to an increase in supply. Players no longer needed to buy materials for supercompost if they could just get it for free. This also drove down the price of other supercompostable materials like calquat, mushrooms, and coconut shells.