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Deflect Melee in use

A player deflecting Melee damage

Deflect Curses are prayers from the Ancient Curses prayer book. They are popularly used due to having the same drain rate as their respective protection prayers and the chance to deflect damage back at the enemy, commonly known as "pray melee, range and mage". Players need to have completed The Temple at Senntisten quest to access these prayers. Once players have completed the quest, they can switch to the Ancient Curses prayer book by praying at the Altar of Zaros in the Zarosian temple beneath the Digsite.

Some high levelled monsters and bosses (eg. Nomad, Bork, Jade vine) cannot be harmed by deflect curses and the player will get a message "You are unable to reflect damage back to this creature."


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A curse activating

Deflect curses stop 50% of damage caused by NPCs and 40% of damage caused by other players (in PvP). In addition, they also have a chance of deflecting some of the damage they would have caused back onto the attacker. As with 'Protect from' prayers, players can only deflect one style of combat at a time (Magic, melee or Ranged). Creatures that can only be damaged in a specific way (for example, the vyrewatch can only be damaged by the Ivandis flail or Blisterwood weapons) cannot be hurt using a deflect curse.

While activated, the Curses have a deflect rate of approximately 60%. This means that on slightly more than half of the hits, the player will wave their arm in a blocking gesture, accompanied by a light (Red-Melee, Blue-Magic, Green-Ranged), showing that the deflect occurred. When this happens, 10% of the blocked damage will be deflected back, and if it would have hit a 0 or under 10, there will be no recoil. However, recoils become helpful when fighting a strong monster (God Wars Dungeon bosses or TzTok-Jad) because they deal higher damage than normal monsters.

List of Deflect CursesEdit

Icon Curse Level needed Effect
Deflect Summoning Deflect Summoning 62 Reduces damage dealt from Summoning scrolls, prevents the use of a familiars special attack, and can deflect some of the damage back to the attacker.
Deflect Magic Deflect Magic 65 Provides 50% damage reduction against magical attacks and can deflect some of the damage back to the attacker.
Deflect Missiles Deflect Missiles 68 Provides 50% damage reduction against ranged attacks and can deflect some of the damage back to the attacker.
Deflect Melee Deflect Melee 71 Provides 50% damage reduction against melee attacks and can deflect some of the damage back to the attacker.

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