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Decorated cooking urn detail

A Decorated cooking urn is used with the Cooking skill to help gain experience. It can be created at 81 Crafting with 2 soft clay on a Potter's wheel. Clicking "Take BoB" during crafting brings clay to inventory without interruption. It must then be fired in a pottery oven before being finished off with a fire rune to become a red Decorated cooking urn (r)  before it can be filled.  Another player can assist you if you do not have the 81 required level. The urn is filled when the player has earned 7,737.5 Cooking xp with the urn in inventory. Once the decorated cooking urn is full, it can be teleported to Ernie for 1,547.5 Cooking experience. You can have a maximum of 10 fully charged urns before you need to teleport them.

Decorated cooking urns gives you 20% more experience per cooked food item.

Many different foods may be cooked. The following are only examples:

Loading the urn
Food XP per
per piece
to fill
to fill
Mackerel 60 0.78% 129 4,644
Redberry pie 78 1.01% 100 162,600
Salmon 90 1.16% 86 4,902
Tuna 100 1.29% 78 2,964
Meat pie 110 1.42% 71 92,229
Lobster 120 1.55% 65 9,750
Swordfish 140 1.81% 56 31,808
Monkfish 150 1.94% 52 37,076
Shark 210 2.71% 37 51,393
Cavefish 214 2.77% 37 92,352
Rocktail 225 2.91% 35 109,690
Summer pie 260 3.36% 30 146,190


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  • Beverages will not fill any other type of urn.
  • The bonus experience from bonfires does not count towards filling urns.
  • If a player does not have the necessary crafting level to teleport a full decorated cooking urn, they may use the assist system and will still be awarded the cooking experience for teleporting it.

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