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Due to an update, the information in this article may be out-of-date.
Reason: Untradeable potions can be noted/decanted
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Decanting is the method in which a player combines partially full potions of the same kind to produce one full potion and one partially empty potion. For example, decanting a potion containing 3 doses and another containing 2 doses yields one full potion (4 doses) and one partially full potion (1 dose). Teplin Macagan in Oo'glog can decant potion flasks.

Decanting to 4-doseEdit

As described above, players can use any partially full potion on another partially full potion to create a full potion and a partially full potion (assuming the total number of doses are greater than 4). If there are exactly 4 doses total, decanting will give one full potion and one empty vial. If there are less than 4 doses total, decanting will give one empty vial and one partially full potion.

In addition, Bob Barter at the Grand Exchange, Rhobert Dail in the Tower of Voices, or Rhodri Dail in the Max Guild will automatically decant all potions in the player's inventory as much as possible when talked to (or via the right-click Decant option). Bob will decant all potions, including noted ones, for free.

Decanting to 2-dose and 3-doseEdit

Occasionally it is required for potions to be in 2- or 3-doses, rather than 4:

Players can create 2-dose potions either by decanting two 1-dose potions, or by using a 4-dose potion on an empty vial (due to a glitch, the latter does not work the other way around). 3-dose potions can be created by decanting 2-dose potion and a 1-dose potion, or by making the potion from scratch. 3-dose potions cannot be created from 4-dose potions by the player alone, like 2-dose can be, without drinking a dose.

However, Bob Barter, Rhodri and Rhobert Dail, and Zahur in Nardah, can also decant potions into 3-dose potions or 2-dose potions. Players can either talk with him or use his right-click Decant-X option. He will decant all the potions in the player's inventory, noted or unnoted, into the option that the player chooses, requiring empty vials - decanting into 2-dose potions will need more empty vials than decanting into 3-dose potions. The player can either supply the empty vials by carrying them in their inventory, noted or unnoted, or can carry money and Bob will charge 2gp (he used to charge the Grand Exchange market price (1 coins (update))) for each vial he supplies. He will also decant juju potions in the same way, providing juju vials at their Grand Exchange price (3 coins (update)).

Before the Death Hats, Draynor and Upgrades update on 25 May 2011, Zahur was the only NPC to decant into 2- and 3-dose potions. Now it is significantly more convenient to use Bob Barter. There is, however, one benefit to using Zahur - her right click options allow instant decanting into 2- or 3-dose potions, whereas Bob Barter requires a dialogue each time. Thus for decanting large numbers of untradeable potions (e.g. extreme potions for making overloads) can be quicker at Zahur than at Bob - small numbers of potions may not be worth the journey.

It is strongly recommended to use noted potions and noted empty vials for players who want to decant potions in bulk. This often reduces the number of runs the player must make between the bank and Bob to just one. Again, like above, potions that cannot be noted can be decanted, just at a slower rate.

Decanting to 1-doseEdit

Some potions, such as Super strength, sell for more as a single dose. Bob Barter now decants potions into 1, 2, 3 or 4 dose potions and will charge 2 coins for every vial supplied.

Profiting by decantingEdit

Due to an update, the money-making potential of decanting has subsided, but there are ways of making money.

Use the following calculator to determine which potions can produce a profit via decanting. If you aren't careful, you can end up losing hundreds of thousands.

The table can be used for decanting from 4-dose to 2- or 3-dose - if the profit for a potion being decanted from six 2-dose potions into three 4-dose potions is -100, the profit for decanting from three 4-dose potions into six 2-dose potions is 100.

Potion Decanting 12 (1)'s
into 3 (4)'s
Decanting 6 (2)'s
into 3 (4)'s
Decanting 4 (3)'s
into 3 (4)'s
Sacred oil -3,231 885 621
Attack potion -90 -372 102
Ranging potion -2,769 -2,625 -33
Magic potion 2,466 3,006 1,282
Strength potion -354 -606 322
Defence potion -588 -1,014 272
Antipoison 54 18 134
Guthix rest -24 12 36
Restore potion -24 102 28
Energy potion 15 15 27
Agility potion 51 -249 -45
Combat potion -81 -39 15
Prayer potion 606 1,026 506
Summoning potion -2,952 -2,682 268
Crafting potion -3,276 -3,378 672
Super attack 996 66 -88
Super antipoison 3,876 3,798 1,176
Fishing potion -348 -90 60
Super energy 1,185 -3,921 -631
Hunter potion -417 -165 355
Super strength 3,423 2,619 943
Fletching potion -261 -39 43
Super restore 492 1,038 -16
Sanfew serum -27,213 -16,425 -157
Super defence 2,046 3,366 -466
Antipoison+ -5,214 -3,774 -2,882
Antifire -3,438 -1,812 854
Super ranging potion 2,832 -222 436
Super magic potion 1,713 1,755 1,041
Zamorak brew -7,290 -3,696 494
Antipoison++ 867 483 -437
Saradomin brew -1,347 1,305 373
Super Saradomin brew 57,291 60,657 2,911
Super Zamorak brew 2,109 -1,353 6,073
Super Guthix rest 495 273 359
Prayer renewal -4,137 -4,935 -345

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