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Deathtouched dart detail

Deathtouched dart is an item that will kill almost any monster in the game with one hit. It was originally rewarded to players that had picked the Instakill Dart option from the fate cards, received for having membership throughout August and September 2012 as part of Sizzling Summer. A maximum of four darts could be obtained from the fate cards. During the September 2014, 2015 and 2017 Balthazar's Big Raffle event, a set of 3 deathtouched darts could be won by entering the raffles on Thursdays and Fridays, respectively. Deathtouched darts returned again in 2016 as a possible reward from the Summer Sweepstake.

When the dart was used, it did not give any combat experience; however, Slayer experience would still be gained if used to kill an appropriate Slayer target. All unused darts from the original promotion were removed from the game on 1 January 2013 with the update Happy New Year!, while all unused darts from the 2014 Raffle were removed on 3 November 2014.

If a dart is used to kill a boss, the kill will not count in the Beasts tab (and thus not count for a Soul Reaper assignment), nor can it be used for a fast time on the boss. There is a 15 minute penalty in which any bosses killed during this time will not have their kills and fastest kill speed recorded. Players are informed of this in the message box when the penalty is applied and lifted.


Combat Stats
RequirementsDeathtouched dart equipped
Ranged RangedMain hand slot
Fastest (2.4s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


Works onEdit

  • Most quest bosses and inside the Dominion Tower (excluding Lucien, General Graardor, Chaos Hreidmar and Chaos Grimsson).
  • All non-quest and minigame bosses, including:
  • Memory of Nomad (Clears one phase only. Using a dart will only allow the cyan soul cape (and the ravensworn cape) to be obtained). And can be used to complete the trimmed completionist cape requirement of defeating him once and loot the reward chest.
Instant kill hitsplat

Hitsplat whenever a deathtouched dart is used.

Does not work onEdit

Tips for effective useEdit

  • If used with Soul Split, the player receives the full healing effects, completely healing them, depending on what they killed. This doesn't work with all the monsters.
  • If using just for obtaining potential profit, it is recommended to use the darts on either Nex or the Kalphite King. They can also be used to save a streak at Telos.
  • Players must be careful when using the dart on Vanstrom if the bloodveld leechers are around to heal him.
  • It can be used against Chronozon, during the Family Crest quest, by skillers to avoid needing level 59 magic to cast 4 blast spells.


Instakill dart sizzling summer update
  • Deathtouched darts can't be alchemised, keepsaked, disassembled, or fed to a baby troll.
  • The instakill hitsplat can also appear on the player when certain special attacks are used by Vorago, Yakamaru, Telos, and Nex: Angel of Death.
  • The sheathed and unsheathed stance for the dart is nearly the same. This also applies to certain items, such as the hand cannon.
  • Deathtouched darts at one point did not kill Nex instantly. This bug lead to a lot of people dying and causing a grave glitch where you had to cast Telekinetic Grab to pick up your items from your grave.
  • Previously, players could run to phase three whilst fighting Araxxor and kill him instantly to move on to fighting Araxxi. This is no longer possible, and players must fight through all three waves before getting to Araxxi.
  • The dart previously worked against Vorago, killing one phase per dart. In the final phase, it would only work if thrown by the player with the maul of omens, but doing so in hard mode would not unlock "the Defeater" title.
  • The drops obtained from kills with a dart do count for boss collection logs, so it is theoretically possible to get a boss title without any kill count on a boss.