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Bandages (Fist of Guthix)
This is a safe minigame.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
Release date 26 September 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Crucible
Participants 2-30
Skills involved Combat
Reward currency Deathmatch currency icon Deathmatch points
In spotlight rotation No
Hiscores No
Tutorial No
Custodians Mandrith
Music unlocked Bounty, Hunted, I Can See You, Steady, Target, You Will Know Me, Supreme Champions
Developers John P

Deathmatch is a safe player versus player minigame that replaced the Crucible. In it, players can fight against up to 29 opponents in an arena, aiming to get as many kills as possible in 10 minutes. Regularly spawning power-ups make the battles more interesting. There are no requirements to participate in this minigame.

The minigame's lobby is an instance shard world and located on a platform above the Crucible arena, accessed through a hatch at the eastern border of Edgeville. It houses a bank chest, a prayer altar, a table with supplies, and a sign-up board used to enter games or purchase rewards. Mandrith, found in Edgeville bank, will also open the reward shop. Based on one's level and combat mode (EoC or Legacy), one may enter an ongoing battle in the arena below using the board any time, or join the queue if no battle is going on.


Deathmatch lobby

The deathmatch waiting area.

Crucible entrance

The entrance to the Deathmatch lobby

During the Deathmatch, players are teleported to an arena, and after a countdown, may attack other players. When a player dies they respawn in a bank area with a bank, a prayer altar, and supply of bandages, Deathmatch super restore flasks, and Deathmatch supreme overload salves. Players may then re-enter the arena though a crevice, which transports them to a random exit crevice with a short period of immunity. It is also possible to choose which exit the player wishes to use. Crevices may also be used to enter the bank area from which the player may leave the game at any time. No points would be awarded if a player chooses to leave the game early.

The arena contains power ups to help players in combat; these can be activated by running over them. Players can't grab power ups if they still have immunity. All power ups are lost when the player dies. Regular power ups spawn at set times at the same locations, have relatively short re-spawn times, and are active from the start of a game. These include:

  • Armour - large gold-trimmed power up gives 100 armour and smaller untrimmed power up provides 50 armour. Reduces damage taken from all attack styles: 0-33% damage reduction for the first 100 armour and 33-100% damage reduction for up to a maximum of 200 armour. The power up degrades based on the amount of damage prevented by it.
  • Healing over time - constant healing effect similar to Enhanced Excalibur's special move. It heals 10% of the player's maximum life points every 3 seconds for 45 seconds.

Super power ups are more powerful but have variable and longer respawn times (between 2.5-3.5 minutes) and are not active from the start of the game. Players are notified when a super power up spawns. Super power ups include:

  • Overpowered - causes all the player's attacks to have quadruple damage for 45 seconds.
  • Cabbage time - replaces all food in other players' inventories into cabbage for 20 seconds. Eating cabbage does not use up the player's food and their food is returned to them after 20 seconds is up.
  • Chicken army - for every successful hit with the power up, a level 198 chicken spawns and attacks the opponent. The chickens ignore the combat immunity period. The chickens continue to be spawned up to a maximum of 10. The power up lasts for 45 seconds.
Deathmatch bank

One of the banks in the area, also containing a prayer altar and supplies.

At the halftime, if there are more than 20 players in the arena, an essence of death will spawn in the area, informing all players. Being close to the essence fills up a bar visible above players' heads. The first player to fill their bar becomes the Supreme Hunter. Killing another player near the essence grants you half of their bar. The Supreme Hunter gains supreme weapons (Annihilation, Decimation, and Obliteration) (food or potions will be banked if the player's inventory is full) with a special attack called Supreme Defenders. This special attack requires 100% adrenaline and summons 10 souls to fight alongside the Supreme Hunter. Additionally, the Supreme Hunter receives 10% damage reduction for each soul that they have active. The souls ignore the combat immunity period.


At the end of the game players earn reward points depending on how well they fought. For each death the opponent dealing the most damage is awarded a kill, and those dealing damage over a threshold earn an assist. Points can be used to buy mostly untradeable rewards relevant to entry-level player killing.

Reward DM points Description
Wilderness slayer xp enhancer Wilderness slayer xp enhancer 100 Increased slayer experience in the Wilderness and Chaos Tunnels for your current assignment
Small rune pouch Small rune pouch 600 Holds up to 16,000 of two types of runes. Held in inventory.
Paddewwa teleport Unlock ancient teletabs 300 Unlock the ability to make ancient teleport tablets in the POH.
Revenant drop enhancer Revenant drop enhancer 200 Increases the chance to get ancient warrior gear from revenants
Ogre flask (empty) Ogre flask (empty) 100 Holds one dose of one of the Oo'glog pools. Destroyed on use.
Preserved meat Preserved meat × 20 100 20 meat that heals up to 2200 life points
Deathmatch title scroll Deathmatch title scroll 600 Unlock one of the Deathmatch titles. Useable everywhere.
Deathmatch taunt scroll Deathmatch taunt scroll 200 Unlock one of the Deathmatch death taunts. Useable everywhere.
Bounty Teleport Bounty Teleport 100 Allows you to teleport to your Bounty in the Wilderness
Superior rock-shell armour set Superior rock-shell armour set 300 Untradeable level 65 melee armour consisting of five pieces that degrades to dust
Superior spined armour set Superior spined armour set 300 Untradeable level 65 ranged armour consisting of five pieces that degrades to dust
Superior skeletal armour set Superior skeletal armour set 300 Untradeable level 65 magic armour consisting of five pieces that degrades to dust
Supreme hunter's helm Supreme hunter's helm 1,500 Cosmetic helmet, requires you to have been the Supreme Hunter to buy.
Corrupt rogue gloves Corrupt rogue gloves 300 An untradeable pair of tier 60 power-hybrid gloves that provide a life point boost of 50, tier 40 armour, and tier 45 power armour strength. All existing rogue gloves converted to these on release.
Nasty rogue gloves Nasty rogue gloves 300 Must have bought corrupt rogue gloves. An untradeable pair of tier 65 power-hybrid gloves that provide a life point boost of 100, tier 45 armour, and tier 50 power armour strength.
Malicious rogue gloves Malicious rogue gloves 300 Must have bought Nasty rogue gloves. An untradeable pair of tier 70 power-hybrid gloves that provide a life point boost of 150, tier 50 armour, and tier 55 power armour strength.
Loathsome rogue gloves Loathsome rogue gloves 300 Must have bought malicious rogue gloves. An untradeable pair of tier 75 power-hybrid gloves that provide a life point boost of 200, tier 55 armour, and tier 60 power armour strength.
Atrocious rogue gloves Atrocious rogue gloves 600 Must have bought loathsome rogue gloves. An untradeable pair of tier 80 power-hybrid gloves that provide a life point boost of 250, tier 60 armour, and tier 65 power armour strength.


  • If the player attempts to enter the Deathmatch lobby area with a pet or familiar, the follower is dismissed and the following message appears: "Your familiar is forced to leave as it cannot remain here." The pet can be reclaimed from a pet shop owner.
  • There is currently a bug where if a player scores more than 50 kills in a game, the game will automatically end and any games following will end within 10 seconds unless a player gets 1 kill within that time frame.

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