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Death may refer to:

  • Death, the mechanic that happens when a player's life points reach zero



Monsters and NPCsEdit

  • Death, a Guardian of Guthix who has featured in many Hallowe'en events and in various quests
  • Death spawn, a demon that appears when players try to kill nechryaels
  • Death wing, a monster that appears in the Legends' Quest
  • Statue of Death, first met during Missing, Presumed Death
  • Death esswraith, creatures found in the Runespan
  • Prifddinas Death Guard, elves in service to the Iorwerth Clan





  • Death's Swiftness, an ultimate ability unlocked after The World Wakes
  • Death list, a noticeboard outside the Wilderness that shows recent player kills
  • Dramatic Death, an emote used in a Clan Citadel's theatre
  • Angel of Death, a gravestone bought from Blasidar the sculptor
  • Death's deal, an effect that reduces degradation of items upon death

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