Dead Tree
Dead tree
Release date 23 July 2002 (Update)
Members No
Logs Logs (388 coins)
Cannot be grown
Examine Only good for firewood now.
This tree has been long dead.
Timbo Tree: Never let Mod Timbo near a thing of beauty.

Dead trees are trees that act as interactive scenery. They have a different look than normal trees, though they usually act the same. They require level one Woodcutting to cut and give normal logs. Some at Draynor Manor and the Haunted Woods attack unsuspecting players if they walk up beside them, dealing up to 60 life points of damage. If said trees are examined after doing Animal Magnetism, they are called undead trees.

Dead trees can also be found in high level Wilderness, but these give charcoal instead of logs.

Dead trees covered in snow can be found in Ghorrock and The North. These yield logs as well.




  • Their examine posits they are "only good for firewood"; despite this, their logs function fully as traditional ones.
  • The dead tree, when cut, offers the same logs as a normal tree, and therefore, burns like a normal tree's log would.
  • There is an inaccessible dead tree with a chop option south of Gu'Tanoth.
  • A regular tree behind the building with anvils in Yanille was removed in a hidden update. After a thread on the RuneScape forums, it was added back as a dead tree a week later with the examine text: "Never let Mod Timbo near a thing of beauty". Its stump's examine text reads: "Tiiiimmmmmbbbboooooooooo!"

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