This article is about the monk encountered during Devious Minds. For the monk encountered on Mazcab, see Dead monk (Mazcab).
Dead Monk
Dead Monk
Release date 19 December 2005 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC Devious Minds
Location(s) Paterdomus
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A recently deceased follower of Saradomin.

A Dead Monk is encountered during the Devious Minds quest. Near the end of the quest, after witnessing an Assassin steal a relic from Entrana's church, the player returns to Paterdomus, where they had been assisting a hooded monk in his work. Upon arriving, they find a dead monk lying outside the temple, evidently having been killed by powerful magic.

During the quest, the player's character questions whether the dead monk they find is the same as the one for whom they had been working earlier. During the Temple at Senntisten quest, players discover that the Assassin they had seen on Entrana was actually the monk they had been working with, and that the dead monk they found was placed there to trick them into believing the other dead. As a result, nothing is known of the dead monk's true identity. However, it is possible that he was amongst the Saradominist congregation of Paterdomus displaced when Zamorakian monks invaded the temple prior to the events of Devious Minds.