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Darkmeyer disguise female equipped
Darkmeyer disguise equipped

The Darkmeyer disguise is created during The Branches of Darkmeyer, and is used to navigate around Darkmeyer without being caught without the need to use smoke bombs. The set consists of: Darkmeyer hood, Darkmeyer torso, Darkmeyer trousers, and Darkmeyer boots.

You will be given a vampyric title when you wear the whole set. Multiple titles are obtained as you progress through the quest. The highest rank title you have obtained will be used whenever you wear the outfit. The titles which you will witness having are; Vyreling, Vyre Grunt, Vyrewatch and Vyrelord/Vyrelady.

Darkmeyer Map

If parts of the outfit are destroyed after the player has completed the outfit, they may be reobtained from the same chests as they were originally found in (located in the houses highlighted in yellow). However, reobtaining them is far easier than initially obtaining them during the quest, since the vampyre juvinates and vyrewatch will merely be aggressive towards the player, rather than teleporting them away. In particular smoke bombs are no longer needed. They also do not need to be resewn.

The Darkmeyer disguise can be stored in your Player-owned house, in the fancy dress box of a Costume room.

When wearing the full disguise, if the player enters the Myreque Hideout in Burgh De Rott and talks to any of The Myreque there, they will panic that a vampyre has found them. The player then explains that it's the player in disguise and promises to be more careful the next time.


  • When a player wearing the full disguise talks to a vyrewatch in Meiyerditch, they are still treated as a human.

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