Dark Wizard Elijah
Release date 17 October 2012 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC What's Mine is Yours
Location(s) North of Falador
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A suspicious-looking fellow.
Elijah chathead

Dark Wizard Elijah is a dark wizard working alongside Boric to sabotage Doric.[1] He cursed Doric's ore supplies, enchanting certain rocks to summon living rock brawlers when mined.[2] He used the living rock creatures in the Living Rock Caverns as inspiration for his magic.[3] Boric grew uneasy with the level of violence Elijah was creating and cut ties with Elijah, though Elijah continued to curse the ore supplies in an attempt to refine the spell.[4]

He has a diary which is dropped by the living rock brawler summoned at the south-east Varrock mining site.

Elijah rock enchantment

Elijah casts a spell to enchant the rock.

Audio options icon
Elijah's voice


  1. ^ Dark Wizard Elijah, "What's Mine is Yours", RuneScape. "A dwarf approached me today. Apparently he had heard of my work and wished for me to use my abilities against a smith named Doric." Excerpt of Wizard's diary
  2. ^ Dark Wizard Elijah, "What's Mine is Yours", RuneScape. "Anyone who triggers the spell will be lucky to make it away alive."
  3. ^ Wizard's diary, written by Dark Wizard Elijah, page 1-2, "What's Mine is Yours", RuneScape. "His proposition allows me a chance to experiment with a new spell. There is a cavern within the Dwarven Mine; home to creatures of rock. I have spent months studying these brutes and believe I can use their life essence to animate similar creatures outside of the cavern."
  4. ^ Boric, "Doric and Boric tasks", RuneScape. "Aye, I do, he spoke about wanting to refine the spell. Would you clear the brawlers out of the mining sites again?"

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