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This article is about the entity whom the Iorwerths are trying to summon. Zamorak and Lord Drakan have also been referred to as "Dark Lord".

The Dark Lord is a mysterious entity whom the Iorwerth Clan are trying to summon to Gielinor. According to Arianwyn, the Dark Lord comes from Zamorak's world, where the god of chaos himself resided in the Fourth and Fifth Ages. Arianwyn, the leader of the rebel elves who lives in Lletya, says: "If the gate to Zamorak's world is opened we all die." Additionally, when attempting to enter King Tyras' tent, the guard next to it says that 'Zamorak's fury will be released upon us'. Zamorak has returned already in the Sixth Age without the elves' help.

King Lathas Ardignas is a supporter of the Dark Lord and allied himself with Lord Iorwerth to return him, hoping to receive aid in the destruction of Camelot, unaware of the fact the Iorwerth Clan are going to betray him. He says that his brother, King Tyras, was forced to drink from the Chalice of Eternity by the Dark Lord, corrupting him in the process, but this was a lie.

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