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Dareeyak Teleport

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This article is about the spell. For teleport tablet, see Dareeyak teleport.
Dareeyak Teleport
Dareeyak Teleport icon
Members? Yes
Level 78
Spellbook Ancient
Type Teleport
Experience 88
Runes 2Law rune3Fire rune2Air rune
Quest Desert Treasure
Ancient teleport
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Dareeyak Teleport requires a Magic level of 78 to cast. It teleports the caster to the ruins west of the Bandit Camp (level 30 wilderness).

As with all Ancient Magicks spells, the quest Desert Treasure must be completed to cast this spell.

Remember, you cannot use Lunar Spells or Standard spells if you are using Ancient Magicks.


Spell cost
3Fire rune2Air rune2Law rune686
Combo runes
3Fire rune2Law rune2Dust rune2,368
2Air rune2Law rune3Lava rune2,870
2Law rune3Smoke rune2,734
2Air rune2Law rune3Steam rune2,738
3Fire rune2Law rune2Mist rune2,346
3Fire rune2Law runeStaff of air646
2Air rune2Law runeSteam battlestaff482
2Air rune2Law runeLava battlestaff482
2Air rune2Law runeStaff of fire482
3Fire rune2Law runeAvernic wandTome of frost646

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