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Dairy churn

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Dairy churn

A dairy churn

A Dairy churn is a members-only object used in the Cooking skill to turn a bucket of milk (obtained from a dairy cow) into a pot of cream, a pat of butter, or a cheese wheel, granting 40.5 cooking experience each. It can also be used to turn a pot of cream into a pat of butter, or a cheese wheel. If a pat of butter is used on the churn however, the only option available is to turn it into a cheese wheel. Urns cannot be filled by a dairy churn.

Production Rate

All dairy items take about 4 seconds (8 game ticks) each to churn, regardless of the starting or finished product.

Before the churning update, it was incredibly tedious and time-consuming to create dairy products. With the update, prices of all processed dairy products are likely to fall as more people are willing to churn items.

The fastest place to churn is Zanaris, the un-official world to churn is 39 (more people = less time opening door)



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