Dagon'hai robes set equipped

A player wearing the Dagon'Hai robes

The Dagon'hai robes are a set of Magic Power armour worn by members of the Dagon'hai, such as Surok Magis. Players obtain one robe set from the quest While Guthix Sleeps. Players can also buy the set or its components from the Grand Exchange, or get the components as rare drops from Dagon'hai Monks. The Dagon'hai robes require 40 Magic, 40 Defence, and completion of The Hunt for Surok to equip.

It is not necessary to complete While Guthix Sleeps to wear these robes. However, it is required to defeat Bork to complete The Hunt For Surok miniquest, which is a prerequisite for While Guthix Sleeps.

The Dagon'hai robes are power armour. This means they have lower defence than splitbark equipment, and instead offer a slight magic strength bonus. Additionally, there is a prayer bonus from the Dagon'hai robe bottom and Dagon'hai robe top.


AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Dagon'hai hatDagon'hai hat10700--943,190
Dagon'hai robe topDagon'hai robe top12302--1476,061
Dagon'hai robe bottomDagon'hai robe bottom11702--1247,262

Grand Exchange setEdit

Image Name GE Price
Dagon'hai robes set Dagon'hai robes set 246,555 coins (update)


  • Dagon'hai set price rose exponentially during the weeks following its release, later the price crashed and eventually recovered to be around 50% of its highest point.
  • Although the Dagon'hai are followers of Zamorak, the robes do not count as Zamorak items in the God Wars Dungeon. However, they do count as Zamorak items in the Desert Bandit Camp, and cause the bandits to be aggressive toward the player.
  • In the Magic section of the Defence skill guide, a bug used to be seen while checking the requirements to wear Dagon'Hai robe bottom and top. The guide stated the requirements were "20 Defence with with 40 Magic," the bug being the 'with'. This error has been fixed.
  • There is a glitch with the Dagon'Hai robe bottom on high detail where the bottom shows through part of the cape. This error has not been fixed.
  • Zamorak Mages of Armies of Gielinor wear Dagon'hai robes.

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