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Dagannoth bones
Dagannoth bones
Release date 7 November 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable No
High alch 0 coins
Low alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Exchange price 6,081 coins (info)
Buy limit 10,000
Examine These would feed a dogfish for months!
Weight 1.5 kg
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Dagannoth bones detail

Dagannoth bones are associated with the Prayer skill. They are dropped by Dagannoth Sentinels, Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Prime, and Dagannoth Supreme. Dagannoth bones give 125 Prayer experience when buried, thereby giving the seventh-highest amount of Prayer experience. This is increased to 437.5 experience when using a gilded altar with lit burners or 500 experience when using the ectofuntus.

These bones can be used by wealthier players for power-levelling Prayer, as they can provide around 400,000 Prayer experience per hour.

Dagannoth bones are also a possible reward from the gamble option in Soul Wars. One gamble will give you three to five bones.

Dagannoth bones can also be obtained as a reward from the Dominion Tower.

Dropping monstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Dagannoth Prime3031Always
Dagannoth Rex3031Always
Dagannoth Supreme3031Always
Dagannoth sentinel1381Always

Cost and XP AnalysisEdit

Bury Gilded altar Ectofuntus Cremation
Experience 125 437.5 500 562.5 (Total) 312.5 (Prayer) + 250 (FM)
Cost per XP -48.6 -13.9 -12.2 -10.8 (Total) -19.5 (Prayer) or -24.3 (FM)
  • It is assumed that two burners are lit while using the gilded altar and does not include the cost of clean marrentill.

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