Dagannoth Traffic Wardens
Default achievement icon
Defeat the Dagannoth Supreme with each different colour variation of Balmung.
Release date 18 April 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Category Combat
Subcategory Solo PvM
RuneScore Runescore 40

Dagannoth Traffic Wardens is an achievement that requires the player to defeat the Dagannoth Supreme by using each of the colour variations of the Balmung.

The different colour variations consist of:

The different colour variations can be obtained by speaking to Kharshai after the miniquest Koschei's Troubles. Kharshai is located in Rellekka in the basement of Skulgrimen's Battle Gear, just north of the longhall.


  • The name of the achievement comes from the colours of the Crimson and Viridian Balmungs, red and green, which are shared with two lights on traffic signals.

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