Daga's Scimitar Smithy
Daga's Scimitar Smithy
Release date 6 December 2004 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon Scimitar shop map icon
Location Ape Atoll
Owner Daga
Specialty Scimitars
Daga location

Daga's Scimitar Smithy is a scimitar shop that sells most scimitars. It is run by Daga. It is located in the south-west of the Ape Atoll marketplace.

Players need to have started Monkey Madness to access this store. It is required to wield one of the monkey greegrees due to the fact that the store is located right in between two monkey archers. However, players do not need to be wearing the monkeyspeak amulet/Cramulet in order for Ifaba to trade with them.

The stall can be stolen from with a minimum thieving level of 65. The player will receive 160 experience and either an iron or steel scimitar. It respawns every 80 seconds. Note that it is necessary to be in human form when attempting to steal from this stall. If attempting to steal when in monkey form, you'll get the message "I wouldn't like to blow my cover by getting caught stealing".

The store has become somewhat obsolete with the release of Dealga's store in Varrock.

Stock Edit

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Bronze scimitar Bronze scimitar 10 32 coins 19 686 6,540
Iron scimitar Iron scimitar 10 112 coins 67 1,255 11,430
Steel scimitar Steel scimitar 10 400 coins 240 1,625 12,250
Mithril scimitar Mithril scimitar 10 1,040 coins 624 3,155 21,150
Dragon scimitar Dragon scimitar 10 100,000 coins 60,000 58,884 -411,160
Off-hand dragon scimitar Off-hand dragon scimitar 10 100,000 coins 60,000 100,841 8,410

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