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"Daemonheim Diary" redirects here. For the journal, see Dungeoneering journals.
Daemonheim Tasks
Daemonheim Tasks
Release date 10 September 2013 (Update)
Area(s) Daemonheim
Members only? Yes
Reward Aura
Lamp XP rewards 2,000
Taskmasters Drangund, Marmaros, Talsar, Thok
Total level: 1328
Attack-icon 60 Constitution-icon 80 Mining-icon 1
Strength-icon 75 Agility-icon 55 Smithing-icon 95
Defence-icon ---- Herblore-icon 36 Fishing-icon 1
Ranged-icon 30 Thieving-icon 55 Cooking-icon 90
Prayer-icon 65 Crafting-icon 98 Firemaking-icon 1
Magic-icon 90 Fletching-icon 43 Woodcutting-icon 1
Runecrafting-icon 54 Slayer-icon 61 Farming-icon 40
Construction-icon 75 Hunter-icon 40 Summoning-icon 1
Dungeoneering-icon 95 Divination-icon 86
Attack style icon fixed 86
Quest icon fixed ---- Music icon fixed ----

The Daemonheim Tasks are the tasks relating to Daemonheim and its surrounding area. They were released on 10 September 2013.

To start the tasks, players can speak to Drangund, Marmaros, Talsar or Thok, who are all located in the camp near Daemonheim. Players are rewarded with an aura.

To complete all of the tasks, players will need the stats shown to the right.

The easy tasks must be completed first, in order to claim rewards from medium, hard or elite task sets.

In addition to the rewards listed below, for each task completed players automatically receive 100 rusty coins at the start of each dungeon. This reward does not require any of the task sets to be completed.

(B)=Boosts Possible, (M)=Minimum Requirement, (O)=Obtainable Within Area, (R)=Recommended, (S)=Started Quest, (P)=Partial Completion of Quest

Easy TasksEdit

Items Needed

All required items can be obtained within Daemonheim.

Skills Needed
Quests required
Audio options icon
Easy task completed!



Description Quest(s) needed Skill(s) needed Items needed Members only Notes
Setting Up Make a full suit of tier 1 armour (helm, body, legs, boots, gloves). None 7Smithing-icon or 8Crafting-icon (B) 10 Novite bar novite bars or 12 Protomastyx hideprotomastyx hide or 12 Salve clothsalve cloth Yes Making a full set of protoleather armour requires 9 Crafting, while making a full set of salve robes requires 8 Crafting. Wearing the set of armour completes another task from this list, "Fashion Victim". You may use an artisan's potion to boost if necessary. Only 10 bars are required if you make a chainbody instead of a platebody.
It's Dangerous to go Alone Complete a dungeon in a team of more than 1.

Ironman: Complete a medium dungeon in complexity mode 6.

None None At least one teammate. Yes You may complete any complexity floor for this task.
Kitchen Aid Feed a teammate some food to heal them.

Ironman: Attempt to feed a Dungeoneering familiar

None None A piece of food; at least one teammate. Yes You will only receive the achievement if your teammate is not already at full health when you use the food on them.
The Lone Dungeoneer Complete a dungeon solo. None None None Yes The complexity doesn't matter, as long as you complete it solo from start to finish.
Dere-licked Complete an abandoned floor on any complexity solo. None 23 Dungeoneering-icon None Yes Abandoned floors are numbered 12-17.
Take it from the top Reset your current floor progress. None 2 Dungeoneering-icon None Yes
Change of a Dress Switch to another bind loadout. None 20 Dungeoneering-icon At least two pieces of bound equipment. Yes Simply hit the "bind" option on the Smuggler, with your bound items make a loadout. Switching items in a loadout will work.
Gorajo Fandango Use a combat familiar to help fight a boss using their standard attacks. None None A combat familiar, such as a cub bloodrager. Yes All Daemonheim familiar pouches are made by using a charm and a secondary component at a Summoning obelisk; an example: cub bloodrager pouch is made with a gold charm and a novite ore. It doesn't matter what type or tier familiar you use, as long as they deal damage to the boss with one of their regular attacks. (Make any type of familiar depending on what charm you get). The skeletal horde will not count for this.
You're not the Boss of me Defeat the boss on floor 1 solo. None None None Yes Easiest to do on a complexity 1 solo floor.
A Road less Travelled Pass the guards guarding the Wilderness entrance. None None None Yes Pass the guard from Daemonheim. By doing this task you will be entering the Wilderness. As usual, should you die, you will lose everything you are carrying. It is advised to do this without anything equipped or in your inventory at all. Be warned, however, that when you get the coins from this task, they will be placed in your inventory, and they will drop if you are killed, so make sure there are no player killers nearby. You can simply walk from Daemonheim to the Wilderness entrance, cross the gate, and cross back, so long as no one initiates combat with you.
Invisible Ink Use a ring of kinship on a fire. None None Any branches which you can light with your Firemaking level Yes This must be done within Daemonheim (while doing a floor) - fires outside of Daemonheim do not work. It doesn't matter what tier the branches are, as long as you can light them. Also, fires encountered in puzzle rooms do work.
Untouchable Complete a floor solo without dying. None None None Yes You can complete this task at any complexity - it is easiest to do on complexity 1.
Fashion Victim Wear a full suit of tier 1 armour (helm, body, legs, boots, gloves). None None A suit of novite armour, protoleather armour, or salve robes. Yes Making a set of tier 1 armour also completes an earlier task in this list, "Setting Up".
Sinking Fast Complete a sinkhole.

Ironman: Locate a sinkhole.

None None None Yes Ironman: Players must go to the sinkhole instanced world 134.
Tales of Old Complete a Fremennik Saga (abridged or unabridged) after talking to Skaldrun. None 6 Dungeoneering-icon
30 Attack-icon
30 Ranged-icon
30 Magic-icon
None Yes You must have the necessary levels - boosts will not work. Any saga will do, however the fastest saga is Vengeance.
A Flicker in Darkness Use a crater to convert a memory of tier 2 or higher to energy. None 10 Divination-icon (B) A Flickering memoryflickering memory or better. Yes Memories can be gathered from the same type of wisp, which are randomly found in dungeons. A crater to convert memories is located in the start room. If necessary, you may use boosts.


Audio options icon
Easy task set complete!
  • Daemonheim aura 1
    • While worn, 1 consequence free death per day in a dungeon.
    • Heim Crab cosmetic weapon override
    • The ability to choose which boss is faced in a dungeon once per day (must be a boss that you can access)
    • The ability to choose a secondary role for your ring of kinship with 25% its normal effect.
  • Experience lamp - 2,000 experience in the skill of your choice above level 23.

Medium TasksEdit

Items Needed
All required items can be obtained within Daemonheim, with the exception of the Marm's Armory task.
Skills Needed
Quests Required
None (unless Ironman)


Task Description Quest(s) Needed Skill(s) Needed Items Needed Members Only Notes
You Got Some Nice Drapes There Complete a furnished floor solo on any complexity. None 35 Dungeoneering-icon None Yes Furnished floors are from 18-29
I want it All Gain the Beast Mode title on a complexity 6 floor solo. None None, though boosts may be necessary None Yes To earn the Beast Mode title, all resources on the critical path must be depleted. Boosts can be utilised if you lack the necessary levels to harvest any of them. This is easiest to achieve on a small floor. Resources that count towards getting the Beast Mode title include fish (Fishing), branches (Woodcutting), textiles (Farming), wisps (Divination), and ore (Mining). It is not necessary to trap mastices. Easiest to do on a small floor. 
And I want it Now Complete a complexity 6 floor solo in under 6 minutes. None None None Yes This task is easiest to complete on a small floor. Avoid killing monsters unless they are in rooms with guardian doors. This task can be completed with guide mode on.
Marm's Armoury Make use of either a coal bag, gem bag, herbicide, bonecrusher, or charming imp. None 34 Dungeoneering-icon Coal bag, Gem bag, Herbicide, Bonecrusher, or Charming imp. Yes The cheapest option is the gem bag, which costs 2000 tokens and requires 25 Crafting. Emptying a coal bag or a gem bag also seems to work.
Tactical Retreat Flee from any boss using a self-made gatestone. None 32 Magic-icon (B) Gatestone Yes A gatestone is made via the Create Gatestone spell, which requires 3 cosmic runes. If you don't have the required magic level, you may use a boost. "Fleeing" after a boss has been killed still counts.
Port Enter Create and use a portent of passage V or above to attempt to pass through a skill door. None 45 Divination-icon (B) 35 Sparkling energy 10sparkling energy Yes The door must be one that is out of your skill level's reach. If you don't have level 45 Divination, you may use boosts. You can use Forgotten mages and the Unholy cursebearer to drain your combat stats, allowing you to use portents to go through Strength and Magic doors you would normally be able to go through. It is not possible, to receive a portent of passage from other players in order to use it for the task.
Totem Pole Position Hand in a total of 20 items in a single sinkhole.

Ironman: Enter the 6 resource dungeons with an entry requirement equal to or less than Dungeoneering level 35 within 6 minutes.


Ironman: Waterfall Quest

None 20 items collected within a sinkhole. Yes Gather at least 20 totems or resource items and deposit them. Turning an item in after its objective has been met does not count.
Nice to meet you, Wall Kill Rammernaut without getting charged, or make him stun himself. None 35 Dungeoneering-icon None Yes Using magic is helpful here. Hugging the wall tends to cause Rammernaut to trip more frequently. It is recommended to do this task on complexity 1 for a lower levelled Rammernaut.
300 Complete Three's Company with 100%. None 6 Dungeoneering-icon
30 Attack-icon
30 Ranged-icon
30 Magic-icon
None Yes As with Tales of Old, boosts will not work - you must have the necessary levels.
Drink Me Boost your Magic level with a self-made tier 2+ potion (from seed). None 40 Farming-icon(B)
36 Herblore-icon (B)
Void dustVoid dust and Wormwood seed 5wormwood seed Yes Wait a few minutes for the wormwood seed to grow into Grimy wormwoods. You can buy the items off the Smuggler or obtain them from monster drops.
Spinal Trap Set a spinebeam trap that you made yourself. None 43 Fletching-icon(B)
40 Hunter-icon (B)
Spinebeam branchesspinebeam branches Yes You do not need to catch a Mastyx; you need only set up the trap.
Cache Box Unlock a level 40+ chest. None 40 Thieving-icon (B) None Yes Unless you lack the necessary level to open a chest, it is impossible to tell what level it requires. However, since chests tend to scale with your Thieving level, chests over level 40 should be fairly common if your Thieving level is higher.
Up to the Gods Sacrifice a Frost dragon (Daemonheim) bone on a prayer altar from a dragon you killed yourself in a solo dungeon. None None Frost dragon bonesfrost dragon bones Yes Frost dragons can only be encountered on frozen floors. They are weak to stab weapons, though any melee weapon will suffice. It is recommended to do medium floors to find them, as they are very rare, it's likely that many floors will need to be explored to complete this task. It is possible to change the group gatestone portal to an altar using a Construction level of 75 (B). Use the bone on the altar.


Audio options icon
Medium task complete!
Audio options icon
Medium task set complete!
  • Daemonheim aura 2
  • Magic lamp worth 8,000 xp in a skill of your choice above level 41.
  • A one-off payment of 2,000 Dungeoneering Tokens.

Hard TasksEdit

Items Needed
All required items, save the ring of kinship, can be obtained within Daemonheim.
Skills Needed
  • 74 Smithing-icon Smithing (To complete A Clockwork Syringe)
  • 74 Thieving-icon Thieving (To complete A Clockwork Syringe)
  • 76 Defence-icon Defence (To complete A Clockwork Syringe)
  • 65 Summoning-icon Summoning (To complete A Clockwork Syringe)
  • 61 Slayer-icon Slayer (To complete A Clockwork Syringe, boostable)
Quest Requirements


Task Description Quest(s) Needed Skill(s) Needed Items Needed Members Only Notes
Occult Classic Complete an occult floor solo on any complexity. None 71 Dungeoneering-icon None Yes You must complete the entire floor and uncover all rooms. This includes bonus rooms on complexities 5 and 6.

Occult floor is from 36-47

Stacked Start a floor with 225 of any type of ammo bound to you. Salt in the Wound None 225 bound ammo (such as Novite arrows 5novite arrows). Yes Can be accomplished with arrows, runes, the magical blastbox and the celestial surgebox.
Kinprovements Wear a ring of kinship with a fully upgraded role. e.g. Tank, Medic. None None A ring of kinship with a fully upgraded role. Yes It will cost a total of 323,215 tokens to fully upgrade any given role to level 10. Without tokens from Sinkholes or Fremennik Sagas, this will equate to at least level 85 Dungeoneering. You must remove the ring and re-equip it for the task to register. You must also select the "Switch-to" option on the ring customization menu to turn on the maxed role.
Lawful Crafting Craft some law runes while inside a dungeon. None

54 Runecrafting-icon

Rune essence 1Rune essence (dungeoneering) Yes You may use a Naturalist's potion to boost your level if necessary.
Thanks for the Memories Harvest memories from a tier 8 (or higher) spring. None 70 Divination-icon(B) None Yes Only Lustrous springs and above will count. You may boost from level 64 with a standard gatherer's potion or from level 61 with a strong gatherer's potion.
Healing Factor Use the Rapid Renewal prayer for 1 minute while in a dungeon. None 65 Dungeoneering-icon
65 Prayer-icon
None Yes You will need to unlock this prayer first, costing 38,000 tokens. Make sure you have enough prayer points, as there is no prayer gear in Dungeoneering.
Alcrabholic Kill a Rum-pumped crab A Clockwork Syringe


50 Dungeoneering-icon None Yes Requires Fishbowl helmet and Diving apparatus which can be retrieved from Murphy. Antipoison is recommended since General malpractitioners in the area will poison. Followers and familiar pouches cannot be brought into the dungeon (even in your inventory).

Rum-pumped crab is found on the dungeon in Braindeath Island.

Hoof Rot Have Bal'lak the Pummeller walk onto his own rifts in a solo dungeon. None 65 Dungeoneering-icon None Yes Simply lure Bal'lak into a rift. The achievement is triggered when the bosses defence is lowered by standing on the rift.
A Prayer Opportunity Build a prayer altar in the starting room and fill up your prayer points from it. None 75 Construction-icon (B) 5x Bovistrangler branches Bovistrangler branches and 5x Zephyrium bar Zephyrium bars Yes Right click the Group gatestone portal and click replace. Using the Quick-Recharge Prayer option does not work. You can either gather the materials yourself or buy off the Smuggler. Players with mining and woodcutting levels that are too high or too low will rarely encounter zephyrium ore and bovistrangler branches, and buying them would require 145,000 coins. Such players may find it helpful to play a medium or large floor to raise the necessary funds. Using High Level Alchemy on summoning pouches is also a good way to earn rusty coins.
The Wanderer Imbue a catalytic wand on a runecrafting altar. None 50 Runecrafting-icon (B) Spinebeam wand Spinebeam wand Yes A spinebeam wand can be made from Spinebeam branches spinebeam branches with a knife and 48 Fletching; the wand must be imbued at a runecrafting altar to make a catalytic wand.
Get Stuffed Make a bouldabass & edicap potato from the raw ingredients and eat it in a boss fight. None 69 Cooking-icon (B)

68 Farming-icon

Cooked Bouldabass bouldabass, Edicap mushroomedicap mushroom, and Baked cave potato baked cave potato Yes

Cook a raw cave potato and raw bouldabass, then add the cooked bouldabass and an edicap mushroom to the baked cave potato. The raw ingredients may be bought from the Smuggler. You only need to be in the boss room, the boss doesn't need to be alive.

Epic Epic Complete all Sagas with 100%. None 71 Dungeoneering-icon
75 Strength-icon
60 Attack-icon
55 Agility-icon
55 Thieving-icon
30 Ranged-icon
30 Magic-icon
None Yes You must have the necessary skill levels - boosts will not work. If you have all the unabridged sagas completed previously, you will still have to complete them again.


Audio options icon
Hard task complete!
Audio options icon
Hard task set complete!
  • Daemonheim aura 3
    • The Backhand ability will now unleash your inner Thok (when using said ability, your character will headbutt the target instead of performing the usual backhand blow animation).
    • Access to an extended portion of the resource dungeon in the Dwarven Mine (Adamant and mithril rocks).
    • The effect of a secondary ring role is boosted to 75%.
    • Access to 2 more bind pool slots.
    • 5% reduction on the cost for recharging items.
    • 10% increase in rewards from Sinkholes.
  • 38,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
  • Experience lamp - 20,000 experience in the skill of your choice above level 74.

Elite TasksEdit

Items Needed
All required items can be obtained within Daemonheim.
Skills Needed
Quests Required


Task Description Quest(s) needed Skill(s) needed Items needed Members only Notes
Any fin is possible Cook 1 of each type of fish. None 90 Cooking-icon(B) One raw fish of each type (Raw heim crab, Raw red-eye, Raw dusk eel, Raw giant flatfish, Raw short-finned eel, Raw web snipper, Raw bouldabass, Raw salve eel, Raw blue crab, Raw cave moray). Yes You must successfully cook the fish for them to count. A high tiered fire will also be helpful, as it reduces the chance of burning the fish. Using the fish on a cooking range will reduce the burning rate even further.
Orbful Craft and wield a spiritbloom orb. None 98
Crafting-icon (B)
One Spiritbloom cloth spiritbloom cloth, needle and thread Yes Spiritbloom cloth is made by picking and spinning one Spiritbloom (item), which requires 90 Crafting and 90 Farming. You may also buy the spiritbloom for 81,600 rusty coins. You may boost your Crafting level from level 87 with a Strong artisan's potion if necessary, but you must have the other levels - boosts will not work for wielding the orb.
Top Hat Create a promethium full helm from scratch. None 95 Smithing-icon (B) 2 Promethium ore promethium ore Yes You may boost your Smithing level from level 88 with an Artisan's potion or from level 84 with a Strong artisan's potion if necessary. Promethium ores cost 102,000 rusty coins each if bought from the smuggler. Mining them requires a Mining level of 90.
In the Darkness Bind Them Wear 4 bound items. None 90 Dungeoneering-icon (50 If using two One-handed weapons) Four pieces of equipment. No The four bound items must all be equipped at once in order to earn the achievement.

Note: It is possible to complete this task by binding a one-handed weapon along with any off-hand weapon, and wielding them both.

Pass the Port Create and use a portent of restoration IX or above None 86 Divination-icon (B)

50 Brilliant energy 10 brilliant energy and 1 Blue crab blue crab


60 Radiant energy 10 radiant energy and 1 Cave moray cave moray

Yes You may use a Gatherer's potion to raise your Divination level from 79 or higher, or a Strong gatherer's potion from 76 or higher. If in inventory, it will still activate even if your level drops below 86.

Note: The portent will only activate if you are damaged and that attack drops your health below 50%. If you are already below 50%, it will not activate. Fighting the dungeon's boss or tanking attacks from high-levelled mysterious shades are feasible ways of activating the portent due to their high hits. Note: does not seem to activate when hit by the luminescent icefiend's periodic icicle fall.

Gulega-d to Rest Kill the warped gulega, but avoid his 1 lifepoint attack in a solo dungeon. None 95 Dungeoneering-icon None Yes Watch the gulega's arms at all times, and move out of the way as soon as it slams them into the ground and four tentacles appear within two spaces diagonally in all directions. High levels should have no problem with this boss and in a solo dungeon it dies quite easily.


Audio options icon
Elite task complete!
Audio options icon
Elite task set complete!
  • Daemonheim aura 4
    • Activating the aura causes burying bones in Daemonheim to restore 20 prayer points, unless it is a dragon bone which restores 40. Lasts 1 hour and needs to cooldown 4 hours.
    • A second personal gatestone and teleport spell
      • The spell and gatestone are red, require no runes, and require just wearing the aura.
    • Access to an extended portion of the resource dungeon in the Brimhaven Dungeon (mithril dragons).
    • The effect of a secondary ring role is boosted to 100%.
    • A 10% discount from the Smuggler.
    • Access to Daemonheim hard mode.
  • Experience lamp - 60,000 experience in the skill of your choice at or above level 98.
  • 3 experience lamps - 50,000 experience in the skill of your choice at or above level 90.


  • The task "Drink Me" is a reference to Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • The task "Dere-licked" is a reference to Zoolander.
  • The task "It's Dangerous to Go Alone" is a reference to the original The Legend of Zelda.
  • "Invisible Ink" is a Lord of the Rings reference, to the way the One Ring's text only appears when the Ring is bathed in flame.
    • The task "In the Darkness Bind Them" is part of the inscription on the One Ring.
  • The tasks "I want it All" and "And I want it Now" are references to the Queen song I Want It All.
  • The task "300" is a reference to the film 300.
  • The task "Kitchen Aid" is a reference to the Kitchen Aid brand of appliances.
  • The task "A Road less Travelled" is a reference to the poem, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. OR the book titled "A Road less Travelled" by M. Scott Peck
  • The task "Pass the Port" may be a reference to The Once and Future King by T.H. White.
  • The task "Spinal Trap" is a reference to the film and band, "Spinal Tap" or the medical procedure of the same name.
  • The task "Thanks for the Memories" may be a reference to the Fall Out Boy song "Thnks fr th mmrs", or the song "Thanks For The Memory " from the 1938 film "The Big Broadcast of 1938"
  • "Any fin is possible" is a pun on "Anything is possible".
  • The task "Healing Factor" is a reference to the superpower that several superheroes posses, it heals injuries at a much faster rate than normal humans can, much like Rapid Renewal.

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