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This article is about the NPC. For Distractions and Diversions, see Distractions and Diversions.
This article is about the troll from Troll Stronghold. For his son, see Dad (junior).
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Dad chathead

Dad is a troll that players must fight during the Troll Stronghold quest. Dad is fightable as a class F boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame if the player has completed Troll Stronghold.

Since nearly all trolls are named after the thing they first ate, Dad has acquired his name from eating (or trying to eat) his father. This is further confirmed by Dad himself, as Dad replies "Troll named after first thing try to eat!" when a player asks about his name before battling him. He challenges players, either doing Troll Stronghold or not, to fight him in the troll arena so players can pass him and have access to the northern side of Troll Country including the God Wars Dungeon. He will stop the player from attacking just before he dies to ask you to spare his life. Judging from the past version of this page, it appears the troll spectators would become aggressive and attack the player all at once if they killed Dad, this is no longer true. This may have to do with the evolution of combat, as it has made many types of attackable npcs which used to be aggressive towards the player nonaggressive.

He is known to have a son, who ate him and thus too bears his name.

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Smash the human!
Dad - guarding.

Dad asks the player to spare his life.


Dad's arena

The troll arena.

Dad is larger and stronger than normal Trolls, so much so that he actually wields a large, hollow tree trunk in battle. He is very powerful with a maximum hit of 440, and his hits can be slow or fast at times. When he hits there is a chance that he may do a giant swing that sends player flying through the air, momentarily stunning them; this attack may be mitigated by standing next to a wall while fighting. Protect from Melee is recommended when fighting him. Despite his strength, Dad is notable for being one of two non-aggressive trolls which can be fought, the other is the troll spectator. This is probably because he seems to be a troll with a sense of honour.

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Once Dad is killed players will not be able to kill him again outside of the Dominion Tower. Since the troll update, it is possible to fight Dad again and kill him multiple times. This might be a bug. Dad WILL count towards a troll slayer assignment, but fighting him is not advised. Besides hitting hard, you barely get any combat experience and just 3 Slayer experience.


  • You can have a friend stand between Dad and you, and he will not attack either player.
  • There is a bug in which there are 2 Dads after the fight with Arrg in the Troll Romance quest. This bug has not yet been fixed.
  • There is a bug where if you engage Dad he will attack you but you cannot attack him as there will be a message saying "You don't need to fight him again".
  • During The Mighty Fall, Dad Jr. will claim that the player killed his father even if they chose to spare his life. This is likely an oversight.

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