Cynog Trahaearn was the husband of Tangwen Trahaern. He was apparently very pliable and did whatever his wife suggested.[1] He perished when a building collapsed on him in a freak accident.[2] His name was one of the answers used to pacify the Trahaearn automaton mk V.


  1. ^ Lady Trahaearn, "The Light Within", RuneScape. "Ah Cynog. A good man and a devoted husband. Never have I met a man quite so pliable and devoid of opinion. I could say 'jump' and he would. I could say 'dance' and he'd flail about, because he had no grace whatsoever."
  2. ^ Lady Trahaearn, "The Light Within", RuneScape. "I lost him when a building collapsed on him. No one was to blame, it was a freak accident that couldn't have been avoided."

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