Not to be confused with Cyclossus.
Release date 10 October 2016 (Update)
Sea Eastern Sea
Kingdom(s) Eastern Lands
Members Yes
No. of banks 2
No. of altars None
No. of obelisks None
Teleportation Cyclosis teleport
Guilds None
Music Various
Inhabitants Cyclopes
Cyclosis map

Cyclosis is an island in The Arc region of the Wushanko Isles. To access it the player must have successfully completed the Cyclosis voyage in player-owned port.

Getting thereEdit

Notable featuresEdit


The Junk of One CyclopsEdit

The Junk of One Cyclops is a shop run by Wan Pian (flotsam merchant), where players may buy and sell sea shells and driftwood for chimes.

Sweet GoodsEdit

Main article: Sweet Goods

Sweet Goods is a shop run by Sinuman (food merchant), where players may buy and sell berries and berry seeds for chimes.


Cyclosis at night

Cyclosis at night, seen during the Eye for an Eye tale.

Music unlockedEdit

Player-owned ports voyagesEdit

Cyclosis - South East

Cyclosis is the island on the bottom-right of this image.

The voyage Cyclosis (800 Morale, 800 Combat, 800 Seafaring) must be completed before this island is unlocked. After it is unlocked, missions to Cyclosis become available and the Cyclops crew member can appear and be hired.