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Cutthroat flag detail

The Cutthroat flag can be purchased from Honest Jimmy for 200 Pieces of Eight. It cannot be resold to the shop. As with other Trouble Brewing banners, the player cannot equip an item in the off-hand slot while wielding the flag.

It is black in appearance, with the Cutthroat Symbol. It is held like the banners in Castle Wars.

Combat Stats
RequirementsCutthroat flag equipped
Attack Melee2h slot
AttributesDamage reduction
Defence-iconArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Constitution-iconLife points0Style bonuses
Attack speed
Interval: 3.6 seconds
Attack speed average

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Honest Jimmy's House of Stuff200Pieces of eight10Yes


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  • The flag is one of the tallest weapons in the game in its unsheathed form, about 1.75x the player's height.
  • Previously, players could not rest while having the flag equipped. The characters wielding it also displayed old movement animations. This was later changed in an update.
  • The Cutthroat flag seems to be based on the flag used by the real life pirate John Rackham ("Calico Jack").
  • The Cutthroat flag displayed around the Trouble Brewing minigame area is decorated with swords instead of scimitars.

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