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For the alchemist, see 'Currency' The Alchemist.
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Coins detail
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Currencies are items which can be exchanged and are commonly used for various transactions in RuneScape.

Coins (or gold pieces - "gp") are the main form of currency and are almost universal, as they are accepted by most NPC's and are the currency used by the Grand Exchange. All other currencies may only be used at their specific location. Only trading sticks are comparable to gold pieces in that they can be used to buy and sell items in multiple places as well as to trade with other players, although their usage is much more limited than usage of gold pieces. Minigames often have dedicated currencies associated with them.

Occasionally, Spirit shards are used by players as a currency to buy highly expensive, rare discontinued items such as partyhats, to circumvent the max stack limit.



Currency Location Example usage
Coins 10000 Coins Coin of the realm of Gielinor Player trading, Grand Exchange, most NPC shops
Archery ticket Archery tickets Ranging Guild Buying ranging items
Rusty coins 10000 Rusty coins Dungeoneering (Daemonheim) Buying Smuggler's shop items
Trading sticks 10000 Trading sticks Tai Bwo Wannai Clothing, services
Zemomark 10000 Zemomarks New Varrock Player trading and NPC shops during Dimension of Disaster


Currency Location Example usage
Agility arena ticket Agility arena tickets Brimhaven Agility Arena Agility experience, herbs
Castle wars ticket (gold) Castle wars ticket (gold) Castle Wars Castle Wars armour, Halos
Castle wars ticket (silver) Castle wars ticket (silver) Castle Wars Castle Wars capes, potions, armour
Chimes 1000 Chimes The Arc NPC shops, unlocks, upgrades, cosmetics
Crunchy claw token Crunchy claw tokens Mogre Camp Buying crab pets
Ecto-token 3 Ecto-tokens Port Phasmatys and Ectofuntus Passage into Port Phasmatys
Archery ticket Paramaya tickets Paramaya Inn Access to Paramaya Inn at Shilo Village
Pieces of eight 3 Pieces of eight Trouble Brewing 'Rum', "The stuff", Naval clothing
Reward token (Gnome Restaurant) Reward token Gnome Restaurant Food delivery
Runecrafting guild token 5 Runecrafting guild tokens Runecrafting Guild Teletabs, talismans
Taijitu Taijitu The Arc Unlocks, upgrades, cosmetics
Teci Teci Armoursmith Level 90 tank armour, abilities
Tokkul 25 Tokkul TzHaar City Onyx, Obsidian weapons


Many currencies are virtual (or kept 'on record') and don't exist in an item form. Thus, these do not take up inventory or bank space, and only appear in specific interfaces. This also makes them untradeable. For example, Pizazz points are stored in a Pizazz hat, and thaler are displayed only in Stanley Limelight Traders store. These currencies usually don't have an associated icon.

Currency Location Example usage
Brianpoints Rogues' Den Factory outfit, Thieving/Herblore/Agility experience
Chimes icon Chimes Player-owned port Upgrades and hiring crew
Co-op points Social Slayer Pets
Credits Vic's Store Treasure Hunter items
Crystal urchin points Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing Shop Ability to make crystal fishing rods, hermit crab shells, experience lamp, title
Dungeoneering token Dungeoneering token Daemonheim (Rewards trader) Unique weapons, items
Favour points Jadinko Lair Fruits and seeds unique to Herblore Habitat
Fish Flingers tokens Fish Flingers Fishing outfit
Fist of guthix token Fist of guthix tokens[1] Fist of Guthix Unique armour and gloves
Hanky points Thieves' Guild Experience
Honour points Barbarian Assault Upgrades and equipment
Loyalty points icon Loyalty points Solomon's General Store Animations, cosmetic items, emotes
Investment credits Mobilising Armies Squads, special units
Noumenon favour 2015 Hallowe'en event Deployable herb burner, Kharidian cat, Amascut gravestone, Icthlarin gravestone, Experience
Penguin points Larry during Penguin Hide and Seek Experience, coins
Pizazz points Mage Training Arena Infinity robes, Magic items
Produce points Livid Farm Spells, wishes
Reaper points Reaper points Soul Reaper Hydrix, effects, Vanquisher's gear
Renown and Reward Currency World events Animations, overrides, armour, experience
Reputation (Heart of Gielinor) Heart of Gielinor Loot increase, Invention blueprints, cosmetic overrides, title
Reputation (Mazcab) Mazcab Discounts, Banks, Fast Travel, POH Location, Titles, Pet, Reroll
Respect Artisans Workshop Upgrades, cannons
Reward credits Mobilising Armies Outfits, imbuing rings
Runecoin Runecoins Solomon's General Store Animations, cosmetic items, emotes
Runespan points Runespan Wicked robes, Runic staves, Massive pouch
Silver pennies Gypsy Aris' Reward Shop Rewards after Dimension of Disaster
Slayer reward point Slayer reward points Completing Slayer tasks Experience, runes
Stealing Creation points Stealing Creation Armour, tools
Thaler Thaler Stanley Limelight Traders Various minigame-related items
Vinesweeper points Vinesweeper points Vinesweeper Seeds
Void Knight commendation points Pest Control and Conquest Void Knight armour, items, experience
Warrior guild token 5 Warriors' Guild tokens[2] Warriors' Guild Access to Cyclopes, Defenders
Zeal Soul Wars Experience, charms, pets
  1. ^ Formerly untradeable items, Fist of guthix tokens have been turned into a virtual currency on 10 August 2015, although the tokens from before the update still exist in an item form.
  2. ^ Formerly untradeable items, Warrior guild tokens have been turned into a virtual currency on 7 December 2010.


Currency Location Example usage
Contribution Points Gielinor Games Reward Shop Athlete outfits, emotes, title
Costume points Random event gift Random event clothing
Frog token Frog tokens Thessalia's Fine Clothes Random event clothing

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