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This article is about the normal Cup of tea. For other uses, see Cup of tea (disambiguation).
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Cup of tea detail

A Cup of tea is a refreshment which restores 200 to 375 life points, depending on your constitution level, and it temporarily boosts Attack by 3. The minimum Constitution level to receive the full amount of healing from this food is 15.

Enter your Constitution level name=skillstat_Constitution_level|type=int|value=1|range=9,99|size=4|sublist=calchealing

let(base,15) let(hp,skillstat_Constitution_level) if(hp < base){




} let(healing,"This will heal " + heal + " life points at level "+hp+".")

Players may purchase a cup of tea for 10 coins each at the tea stall south of the east entrance to Varrock. When a player drinks a cup of tea, they say the phrase, "Aaah, nothing like a nice cuppa tea!" and an empty cup remains in the player's inventory. A cup of tea can also be used on a tea flask in order to combine multiple cups.

Players may also steal or buy from tea stalls to obtain a cup of tea. A Thieving level of 5 is required to steal from tea stalls. Stealing from Ithell workers in Prifddinas is also an option at Thieving level 92. There are some respawn points for this item south of the herb shop in Taverley and north of the tea stall in Varrock.


Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
The Esoterican Arms10Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Ye Olde Tea Shoppe10Coins 5Coins 10? (edit)


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  • In Varrock, near the teaseller, before a hidden update, there was an item near his stall called, "Display tea". Players could not take the tea. This was removed in a hidden update.
  • In RuneScape Classic, you were allowed to telegrab the display tea unlike in RuneScape 2; it was tradeable. If you dropped the display tea, you could not pick it up unless you used Telekinetic Grab. It was also used in scamming occasionally.

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