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Crystal tree
Crystal tree (harvested)

Crystal tree (Active) Crystal tree (Inactive)

Members only? Yes
Logs None
Examine Attuned with nature.

A Crystal tree is a high-level tree associated with Seren that members can cut for hefty amounts of Woodcutting experience. It requires a minimum level of 94 Woodcutting to cut, which can be boosted.

Only one crystal tree is active at a time, and will switch location randomly every two hours. When they are active, the crystals at the base are much larger. Right-clicking and choosing to "Look at" an active tree will prompt the message, "This tree points to the heavens." Right-clicking to "Look at" an inactive tree prompts a message that says "The tree leans slightly towards the [direction of the active tree].", allowing players to follow in the direction shown to that particular active tree. The crystal tree's re-spawn time is the same on every world but the active location differs, which gives you the option to world-hop instead of relocating to the next tree.

When cutting the crystal tree, players may come across a crystal geode that may contain several rewards such as crystal triskelion fragments, crystal seeds and valuable gems. Using a tree-shaking scrimshaw or a superior tree-shaking scrimshaw increases the chance of obtaining drops by 300% and 400%, respectively. A rabbit-foot necklace also increases the chances of obtaining drops.

One way of making it easier to find crystal trees is by joining a friend chat dedicated to tracking crystal tree locations which players may find in different worlds. In these, players can share their reports with other players that are also looking for active crystal trees and then, based on the hints given by spirit trees, players determine where crystal trees may spawn. Players who have achieved a Quest Cape or level 99 in at least one skill can tune one of the two skill portals in the Max Guild Garden to the active crystal tree.

Woodcutting crystal trees using a crystal hatchet can give between 92,000 experience per hour, at level 94 Woodcutting, and 110,000 experience an hour, at level 99 Woodcutting; or 78,000-94,000 experience with a dragon hatchet. At level 99 Woodcutting a player using a crystal hatchet, beaver familiars, a legendary lumberjack aura, full lumberjack clothing, perfect juju woodcutting potions and a superior log-splitting scrimshaw can gain 123,000 experience an hour. Using crimson skillchompas in addition to these boosts can grant around 160,000 Woodcutting experience an hour.

Since the original release of Prifddinas, players are able to plant a crystal tree at the crystal tree patch in the Tower of Voices. Doing so requires a crystal acorn, along with a farming level of 94. Planting the seed yields 50,000 experience in farming. The tree may then be harvested for a Crystal tree blossom once every day, resetting at 00:00 UTC, yielding an additional 15,000 farming experience.


Crystal tree map diamond

The locations of the Crystal trees on the world map. The rhombus shape is outlined in blue.

On the world map, the locations of the crystal trees form the symbol of Seren, a rhombus.

Right-clicking "Look at crystal tree" will prompt a message:

  • Active tree: "This tree points to the heavens."
  • Inactive tree: "The tree leans slightly towards the [direction of the active tree]."

Upon the release of Prifddinas, and with it the Max Guild, it is now possible to teleport directly to an active crystal tree. Travel to the Max Guild in the south-east of Prifddinas and enter through the gate, then click on one of the portals located on the Eastern wall just inside the gate. This will give you the option of attuning the portal to various locations and activities, for crystal trees you should select the "Active Crystal Tree" option.

Location tableEdit

The list below is the location order in clockwise direction around the Rhombus starting from Prifddinas.

Map Location/Locating Teleport

Crystal tree location - Prifddinas

South-east of the Prifddinas lodestone.

This tree must first be grown using a Crystal acorn on the farming patch.

Prifddinas lodestone, Clan Vexillum
Crystal tree location - Tree Gnome Stronghold Tree Gnome Stronghold near the Gnomeball

West of Seers' Village, north of Observatory tree and north-west of Yanille.

Spirit tree, Gnome glider
Crystal tree location - Lighthouse South East of Lighthouse

North of Yanille, north-east of Tree Gnome Stronghold, north-west of Seers' Village and Dark Wizard's Tower.

Games necklace, Enchanted lyre, Rellekka tablet
Crystal tree location - Seers' Village Seers' Village, by the flax field

North of Brimhaven, east of Tree Gnome Stronghold tree and north-east of Observatory.

Camelot teleport, Seers' lodestone
Crystal tree location - Dark Wizards' Tower Near the Dark Wizard's Tower

South-east of Seers' Village, north-east of Brimhaven tree and south-east of Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Falador teleport, Clan vexillum, Skills necklace
Crystal tree location - Brimhaven West side of Brimhaven

East of Observatory, south of Seers' Village tree, north-east of Yanille, and south-east of Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Brimhaven tablet, Amulet of Glory, Karamja lodestone, Spirit tree
Crystal tree location - Yanille South of Yanille

South of Lighthouse, south-east of Observatory, and south-west of Brimhaven tree.

Yanille lodestone, Watchtower teleport
Crystal tree location - Observatory West of the Observatory; north of Castle Wars.

West of Brimhaven, south of Tree Gnome Stronghold tree and south-west of Seer's Village.

Ring of duelling, Ourania Teleport



  • When the elder and crystal trees were first released, a message sometimes appeared in players' chat boxes saying: "New Elder and Crystal trees are waiting for Yew!"
  • There are a number of Easter eggs related to crystal trees. These include:
    • Using a crystal seed, crystal teleport seed, crystal trinket or crystal bow on a crystal tree shard results in the message "The crystal resonates slightly".
    • Using a complete crystal key on a crystal tree shard results in a message saying that "You'll have to do better than that to get another crystal key."
    • Using a cannonball or gnomeball on a crystal tree shard results in a message saying "You won't be able to see into the future with these."
    • Using wheat on a crystal tree shard results in a message saying "Well it's not quite the Crystal Maize, now is it?", a reference to The Crystal Maze.
    • Using a silver or gold Castle Wars ticket on a crystal tree shard results in a message saying "Not exactly a Fortress of Solitude is it?", a reference to Superman's secret headquarters.
    • Using an Ex-ex-parrot on a crystal tree shard results in a message saying "Ah, Polycrystal, I see what you did there."
  • With the release of the trees, a blank white area appeared next to the Exiled Kalphite Hive, which contained many elder and crystal trees, elder pyre logs and funeral pyres. This was used to test the trees before release.
  • With the release of Prifddinas, the Crystal tree patch was released, located on the south-east balcony of the Tower of Voices.

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