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Crystal seed was discontinued from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who have it.
Not to be confused with Crystal acorn.
Not to be confused with Crystal weapon seed or Crystal tool seed.
For the reward from The Eyes of Glouphrie, see Small crystal seed.
Crystal seed
Crystal seed
Release date 7 February 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stackable No
High alch 0 coins
Low alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 0 coins
Examine This crystal seed looks grey and dead.
Weight 0 kg
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Crystal seed detail

Prior to the release of Prifddinas, a crystal seed used to be what was left over after a crystal weapon's charges were used up.

With the city's opening, crystal seeds were renamed and reclassified into six distinct types:

Crystal seeds were obtainable by buying from players, buying new crystal equipment at a minimum price of 750k (crystal shield) and 900k (crystal bow) and then using them until they decayed into a seed or by getting them from a Crystal geode obtained while chopping down a Crystal tree.

As of 29 September 2014, players can now re-attune old crystal seeds to obtain a crystal weapon seed.


  • When a crystal weapon lost its charge, the seed was left in the relative combat slot.
  • Nowadays it's still possible to obtain a Crystal seed by looting a Crystal impling. It is not known if this is a bug or not.

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