This article is about the pet. For other uses, see Crystal peacock (disambiguation).
Crystal peacock
Crystal peacock pet
Crystal peacock
Release date 1 August 2016 (Update)
Members No
Race Peacock
Source RuneScape Membership Card
Premier Club
Interface Yes
Category Companion
Food None
Colour variations 1
Examine Shake your tail feathers.

The Crystal peacock is a pet given to players who have redeemed a RuneScape Membership Card in August 2016 or is a Premier Club member. The concept was one of six finalists in the 2014 Design a Pet competition[1] and was designed by Pawl. It was released on 1 August 2016.

This pet has a special emote - in which it opens up its feathers - that can be performed by interacting with it.

Crystal peacock emote

The crystal peacock performing its special emote.



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