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Crystal key detail

The crystal key is used to open one of two crystal chests; one is located inside Ivy Sophista's house in Taverley. The other in the Iorwerth Hall in Prifddinas has an improved drop table in comparison to the chest in Taverley.

It is created by combining a tooth half of a key with a loop half of a key, displaying the message "You join the two halves of the key together." Doing so will grant you 10 Crafting experience. The crystal key can only be used on the chest once. After it is used, it disappears.

Tooth and loop halves can be obtained as rewards from Barrows, the Evil Tree event, the Gnome Restaurant activity, Managing Miscellania, as well as burning Vyrewatch corpses. Wearing the ring of wealth increases the chance for halves to be dropped by monsters who have access to the rare drop table.


Loop half Tooth half Full key Profit/Loss
18,127 27,220 46,308 961


Crystal key assemblage

Assembling the key parts

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Dropping monstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Beastmaster Durzag200013–30Uncommon
Kingly implingN/A2Common
Kree'arra 210; 5801Rare
Magical chestN/A1Varies
Motherlode MawN/A1Uncommon
Telos, the Warden200013–28Varies

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