This article is about the perk. For the item, see Crystal shield.
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Crystal Shield
Crystal Shield
Has a 10% chance to activate on taking damage, lasting 10 seconds. 5% of damage taken per rank is totalled for this period, becoming temporary lifepoints afterwards. These last either 30 seconds or until depleted through further damage. (1 minute cooldown)
Release date 5 September 2016 (Update)
Gizmo type Armour
Maximum rank 3

Crystal Shield is a defensive Invention perk that, upon activation, will add a percentage of all damage taken for 10 seconds into a pool of life points. This also includes typeless damage. For the following 30 seconds, damage taken will reduce this storage of life points rather than the player's actual life points, until the separate pool is depleted or the 30 seconds have passed. It can be created in armour gizmos.

The perk has a 10% chance of activating, and 5% damage per rank is converted into the pool of life points for the duration of 10 seconds. The hit that activates the Crystal Shield will also be added to the life point pool. This perk has a 1 minute cooldown after it has activated.

If the player would die to any "hard" typeless hit (typeless damage that cannot be reduced by defensive abilities, e.g. Vorago's TeamSplit), the player will not die; they are instead left with however many life points that were stored in Crystal Shield.

When the perk triggers, it prompts the message: Your Crystal Shield perk has activated and will begin storing damage to use as ablative hitpoints. When the stored life points deplete, it prompts the message: Your crystal shield lifepoints have been depleted! When the timer ends before the stored life points deplete, it prompts the message: Your crystal shield perk has run out! When the player doesn’t receive significant damage during the perk’s activation period, it prompts the message: You did not absorb enough damage to generate a crystal shield.

Any self-inflicted damage is also added to the life point pool. These include:

Life Points Stored
Rank Damage Taken %
1 5%
2 10%
3 15%


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Clear parts
Clear partsCommon01111
Subtle components
Subtle componentsUncommon111–21–31–3
Faceted components
Faceted componentsRare1112–33

Suggested gizmosEdit

Gizmo layout Possible perks
Faceted components
Faceted componentsFaceted componentsFaceted components
Faceted components
  • Crystal Shield Crystal Shield 3
  • Other possible perks:
Explosive components
Explosive componentsFaceted componentsExplosive components
Explosive components
  • Other possible perks:

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