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Crunchy rune rocks are a quest item that can be obtained during the Fremennik Saga Thok it to 'Em. Thok finds 5,000 of them by picking them up off a table in the "base" room of the saga dungeon. Crunchy rune rocks can be eaten to restore 1 life point and 1% of Thok's adrenaline bar. If Thok's life points are already at max when eaten, they will increase Thok's life points beyond the maximum of 1,500. Crunchy rune rocks can boost 6 for every 10 rocks eaten, due to the fact that life points will slowly restore back to normal. This means that if a person were to click every single crunchy rune rock, they would be able to boost 3,000 life points, meaning that a maximum of 4,500 life points can be achieved.

Crunchy rune rocks can be used by Thok on an Oddly shaped table to create Thok runes, which heal him by 1 life point and adds 10% to the special attack bar.

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