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Crunchy claw token detail

A Crunchy claw token is a drop from Mogres. A token can be given to Nung in exchange for a baby giant crab, a pet introduced with the Summoning skill. It is possible to have more than one Crunchy claw token at once, and it is possible to get one even if you currently own a crab.

To reach Nung in the underwater Mogre Camp where he is located the player must have completed the Freeing Pirate Pete section of Recipe for Disaster. To access the Mogre Camp speak to Murphy at Port Khazard with your diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet equipped and with a total weight of less than 27 kg. Level 40 Summoning is required to take care of a pet crab; which can be one of five random colours (beige, grey, yellow, red and red with green spots).

Dropping monstersEdit

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